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Yes, the time is correct, it is 2:24am. I just got back to my room, and I'm not sleepy yet!
What a GREAT show. Newfound Frenz Tracy, Romer and Eamonn and I started out at the Arbor Brewing Company, where the men sampled the IPA Sacred Cow beer. We tossed the idea of bringing a sixpack for the band, but didn't know if there would be a chance beforehand to give it to someone who could pass it along. Or if the theater would let me bring it in (probably not), so we didn't do it. Of course, as we were walking to the Michigan, we walked right past the tour buses, so we could have done the beer thing after all. Oh well.

The seat neighbor was the one and only jma019, and we had a wonderful time together. Especially when Nick looked like he was coming over to us to get a song suggestion. LOL Anyway, James, I didn't get to say goodbye, so... Bye! It was nice to meet you! I hope you make it back in time for your meeting.

For FSIOD, Neil came out on this little jut part of the stage, which was right in front of us. He started us off singing, and he did stay out there for awhile, not miked at all, but we sang for him. ((sigh)) The man just keeps looking better and better every time I see him.

There was a lot more stuff that happened, but I am going to write more tomorrow after I get home. It's time for bed!

But.....WOOHOOO! It was a great show, great people, and I'm glad I came. I'm sad to not be going on to Grand Rapids tomorrow, but in terms of seeing the perfect show, I got mine tonight.


Happy, happy, happy

Cheers all!


"...and praise will come to those whose kindness leaves you without debt--and bends the shape of things to come that haven't happened yet...close your eyes..." 

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My parents called me on their way home and were positively giddy about the show.

It was hard trying to get a track listing out of my mom ("It was too dark to write anything down!") since she doesn't know all the song titles, so I'll leave that to the other posters.

But she said it was a wonderful show (and was really happy that they played "Lester" and "Distant Sun", which is her favorite). I'm VERY jealous that they played "There Goes God"!

They had only heard the new album one time--was she right that they didn't play "Pour Le Monde"? That disappoints me greatly, since it's by far my favorite song on the new cd. I thought for sure that'd be an "every concert" song, but it seems like they've omitted it a couple of times. Hopefully since I'm seeing two shows, I'll get it at least once. My dream is still that they'll bust out "In the Lowlands" for me, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

They thought that Liam was great and felt bad for him about the technical difficulties and they really liked 16 Frames as well.

She thanked me about 16 times for getting them tickets, and I told her that it was making me really jealous that I didn't get to be there.

Can't wait to read the recaps!
It was a great show! The Mark Hart created set list included (not in order):

There Goes God
World Where You Live
Say That Again
Silent House
You Are The One To Make Me Cry
She Called Up
Distant Sun
Lester (by request)
Fall At Your Feet
Don't Dream It's Over
Chocolate Cake
Locked Out

Pineapple Head
When You Come
Weather With You
Four Seasons in One Day

Better Be Home Soon

I know I am missing some but it was great.

Requests for People are like sons "deserved to be rewarded; but it won't be" and Stare me Out got a strange look and a "they are challenging us tonight" followed by discussion on whether to play it that turned into Mark wondering if anyone knew the song riff he played "because he didn't remember what it was anymore..." confusion ensued unil Liam started into Distant Sun... funny stuff.

Great crowd made the band really shine.
I love this thread title, I hope it gets the most page views for the month!

Great reviews guys, keep 'em coming.

We're getting antsy here again down under and counting the days down. Yeah, I know, we had the corner hotel gig just over a month ago but after so long that's a long time Wink.

I love There Goes God. I have seen in other lists that Whispers and Moans is also making an appearance at shows.

If 'anyone' is reading this, can we please have these for the Melbourne shows (I don't mind which one, I'll be at both Smiler )
Wow, Valerie...kudos to you for posting so! But I can see why you did after such an incredible show.

And it was wonderful to meet you, Roxanne R and to sit with your son, Ben. He seemed to really enjoy the concert. Hope you all had a safe trip back.

I've been waiting years to see Crowded House and the experience was everything I'd heard about and hoped for. Where do I start? The incredible songs and energy (duh!), Nick's onstage banter about golfers, Neil leading the crowd sans microphone in FSIOD, Mark playing the Melodica (on the organ solo) on DDIO, Matt's INCREDIBLE drumming (I say that as a drummer myself), and Liam's exuberant presence and talent (I wonder where he gets that??)...everything was just perfect.

I suppose it didn't hurt that I (and a number of others) got to meet all the guys afterward outside by the busses. All I can say is, what a nice, gracious bunch of blokes. I can't imagine after playing for two hours having the energy or grace to come out and sign autographs and have pictures taken. They were all incredibly nice.

For a minute I thought Nick was going to try to escape the crowd when he headed for the bus saying "I'll be right back, I swear...". But, lucky for us, Mr. Seymour is a man of his word and indeed came right back.

The only thing that makes me slightly happier than last night is the fact that I get to see them again tonight in Grand Rapids!

I think that set list is mostly correct, Ajax. The three songs you missed are:

-Pour Le Monde
-Don't Stop Now (first song of first encore),
-Something So Strong (another encore song)

Again...what a great show.

I'LL stop now...
The Ann Arbor concert was excellent, although, since it's the only one I'm attending this tour, I can't compare it to their other shows. I've seen Neil once before with his brother, but this was my first CH concert, and my wife's as well. Neil has played in Detroit the past few years, solo and with Tim, but said he hadn't been to Ann Arbor for at least a couple decades. As a local, I appreciated that he didn't dismiss the city as more or less another part of Detroit, as Ann Arbor's definitely a bustling, colorful world unto itself.

Anyhow, I admit to a bit of trepidation about the show. The day before, I had listened to the World Café broadcast on NPR and was saddened to hear Neil suffering from a cold, perhaps, and some vocal strain. My wife is not quite the fan that I am, and I really wanted her to be won over. Fortunately, Neil sounded terrific in concert, with only a slightly scratchier-than-usual quality noticeable in his upper register. At any rate, it engendered some amusing banter with Nick about Neil drinking his "Throat Coat" from a mug a few times between songs.

As for the songs, themselves, I was tremendously impressed by the set list (nonetheless, I don’t think I can recall it in total -- hopefully someone took note of all the songs), which Neil said was prepared by Mark. While it's not a favorite of mine on record, "Chocolate Cake" sounded great live (likewise "There Goes God," which they opened with), and I was surprised to hear it (I like to think that, on this tour, Neil and Nick get a small kick out of the song's allusions to fat, tacky Americanization, especially since it's from an album that seemed to be hugely successful everywhere but the U.S.). All in all, I was truly impressed with how the new album was represented along with older material. Especially considering my worries after the WXPN set, I did not expect somewhat vocally demanding songs like "Locked Out" or "When You Come," but Neil belted his heart out when the song demanded it, and they sounded magnificent. Older, fan-pleasing stuff was extremely well-represented, with exceptional versions of "Fall At Your Feet," "Weather With You," "Better Be Home Soon," "World Where You Live," "Don't Dream It's Over," "Four Seasons In One Day," "Pineapple Head," and even the relative chestnut "Something So Strong." "Distant Sun" was outstanding. Neil even immediately obliged a shouted request for "Lester," which brought a smile to my face.

I think Time On Earth is one of their best albums, and "Say That Again," "She Called Up," "You Are the One To Make Me Cry," "Don't Stop Now," and "Pour Le Monde" (yep, they played it) were all exceptional. All through "Silent House" I thought of Paul Hester. If you've ever lost someone, especially due to mental illness and you are pained by memories of when they were "still themselves," it's impossible not to be very moved by this song, particularly lines like "I'll remember the years when your mind was still clear" and Neil singing about trying to connect the pieces left behind by a shattered life. The workout that the band, and especially Matt Sherrod, gave the end of this song was staggering.

Well, I've written way more than I intended, but I loved the concert. There seemed to be a lot of technical problems, but none affected the performances at all, and in spite of the band's smiling consternation about a particularly vexing cord or hookup, I couldn't tell that there was any problem at all. Before the opening act, Liam Finn ingratiated himself to the audience while trying to fix an effects pedal, putting on a funny and impressive one-man-band show in the process. The actual opening band, 16 Frames, was really remarkable. The seemed like very decent guys, they had their sh-t together, and their songs and musicianship were exceptional. I expect them to earn a great reputation for themselves after their first album is released this fall.

Based on what I've seen and heard of him so far, I would definitely place Liam amongst peers like Rufus Wainwright and Teddy Thompson as part of a new generation of gifted singer-songwriters descended from other legendary singer-songwriters. As others here have mentioned, talents like Liam create a feeling of hope for the future of music after those like Neil hang their guitars above the mantle, which hopefully will not be for the span of another generation.
Hi all, first-time poster here, though I've been a major Finn fan for many years.

I too was at the Ann Arbor show last night (so glad they played here rather than in Detroit or the 'burbs), and was blown away by the performance -- Neil was in fine voice, despite reports of a cold, and the guys seemed to be in high spirits and genuinely appreciative of the enthusiastic crowd.

I missed a few chances to see the band back in the '80s and '90s, so I made sure that I would not miss this one. We got seats in about the ninth row (center), and it was the perfect vantage point for taking in this extraordinary evening of entertainment.

Others have already covered much of what I was going to say, so I'll skip much of that.

I was particularly impressed with Matt Sherrod. Of course I would have loved to see Paul behind the kit, but as that's no longer possible, Matt is the perfect drummer to carry Crowded House into the 21st century. His timekeeping is impeccable, often sounding eerily like Paul's, and he has tremendous skills but isn't overly flashy -- exactly the sort of drummer I prefer, and strive to be myself.

I'm ecstatic that I finally got to see this band, in any form. I saw Neil on a solo tour in Seattle a few years ago -- that was a great show with a fantastic backing band (featuring Lisa Germano), and I love Neil's solo material, but still, I yearned for a proper Crowded House show. At the time I thought that was the closest I'd get to one. I'm glad I was wrong.

Reading one of the posts above, now I'm kicking myself that I didn't hang out by the back door afterwards. I would love to have shaken Neil Finn's hand -- he's been a musical giant to me for a long time.
It was nice to meet you last night Michael. Yes that was me with Ben's mom (aka RoxanneR). Glad to hear you caught up with the boys after the show. I know what you mean about their gracious and unpretentious outlook. Neil and I had a good chat after the show in Toronto, and also Matt and I talked about drummers.
Anne, thanks so much for the drive down. Great to share stories; discuss minor to major transitions; and meet some of your family. J is such a smart cookie.
Tracy, Val et al: sorry we missed you. Roxanne and I were right behind you I think.
My first post here was one year ago today. I am celebrating with waffles and unbelievably good coffee down here in Ohio.
Hi all--
Whoa, I am so fried! I took a snooze when I got home and then I had homework to do, so now I can ramble on here for a bit...
After the show WAS great. I got Nick, Neil and Mark to sign my cd booklet for the Masters GH that I bought at the R&R Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago. Funny bit, Nick was signing booklets and he made the comment that he didn't know where all these came from; he'd never seen them before. I showed him mine (the cover is a shot from the TA album of all four bandmates, looking somber and a bit damp). He laughed and said this was a new one to him too. Then I talked to Neil about it, and told him where I got it. He said, "you bought it?" and I said "yes, did you get paid for it?" And he said, "it was probably done to pay off debt." whatever that means--maybe the band owed an album to someone? I don't know.
Mark was the last one I approached and I told him they sounded great and I wished they would come to Columbus. I told him I'd cook a spaghetti dinner for them and he said, "we like spaghetti" and when I told him I'd even make garlic bread, he told me he doesn't have much pull in that department but he'd mention it. I told Neil that the venue I have in mind is even located on Neil Avenue, so they HAVE to play there. Neil said they'd played there before, but that was YEARS ago, so I said it's time to come back.
Maybe I've planted a seed...
Roxanne! I'm sorry we never hooked up! I tried to look for you, but it was such a crush before and after the show. I hope you and your son enjoyed it!
Oh the sweet to hear Mark and Nick on harmony and just the whole vibe of the band was so cool. I almost burst into tears when they came out.
Liam was adorable, so good-natured through technical issues that pretty much decimated his set...he really showed his professionalism. Later when they had some more trouble, he piped up with "is that the same tuner I was using?" Neil said, "Two mysteries solved in one." There was one point when Neil was on the piano and Liam was playing behind and they kept exchanging glances while they were doing the song and it was such a neat thing to see.

But...Liam, shave that muskrat off your face! LOL

I imagine they're starting to wind down the GR show about now, I hope the weather held. Tracy and I were trying to come up with some valid excuses for me to call off sick tomorrow so I could go, but we had nothing. Oh well, the show I saw was as perfect as it could have been, and I'm content. I will, however begin a campaign to BRING THE BAND TO COLUMBUS, OHIO.

Ta for now. I have to get to sleep.

Good job, Michigan! That was a great show and I think the energy of the audience had a LOT to do with it. There was a great give-and-take evident between the crowd and the band right from the opening number in stark contrast to the other show I attended at Foxwoods. I got a bit tied up (including a hug) with with the VERY energetic and downright nice bloke with whom Neil was entertained all night and whom Nick climbed down to approach to solicit a request at the end of the show. It's just too bad he didn't seem to know that BBHS was the show closer, as he likely would have milked the evening along for one more song with just about any other request. In any case, it was great to meet you Valerie and I'm sorry I didn't get to say a proper goodbye either!

Everyone else has done a great job of recapping, so here are the few minor tidbits that I think have been missed: Neil's humorous observations regarding the theater's rather hideous carpeting and about my new friend's unchanging “primal scream” singing voice just prior to the FSIOD sing-along; Neil's deferring to Liam on the lyrics "here comes Mrs. Hairy Legs" during Chocolate Cake, which I do believe were originally suggested by him as a kid; and especially Nick's additional lyrics regarding the accompaniment of Lyndsey Lohan to “Elvis Presley walking out of a 7-Eleven” during the same song!

Work issues made it a real struggle to travel to Ann Arbor and back to Cleveland in such a short time frame just to make it to the show, but it was well worth it. Liam showed some talent and good humor during his ill-fated set, 16 Frames proved surprisingly entertaining, and Mark's superb set list paced a great show by the best pop/rock group on the planet. “All I Ask”, to paraphrase a former member of Crowded House, is that you play in Cleveland the next time you tour North America.
I just have to say to anyone who is going to see a future show, Nick may need some Post-it-Notes... we got a great story about how he is addicted to them on this tour and uses them to leave good and bad comments wherever he goes... we got the story of "pretentious design" in a hotel shower where you couldn't turn the taps with soapy hands.

Very funny but it could be a great way to make a request or two... I will see in Chicago.

Great catch on the songs I missed Hartvan. I can't believe I missed Pour le Monde as I decided to write the set list for Tim who wanted to know if they played that song specifically! Shows what happens when I write anything pre caffiene.
Nearly 48 hours later and I still find myself breaking out in smile at what a fine time the Ann Arbor show was. Everyone has already posted such memorable highlights but one that keeps coming back and making me chuckle was Neil's rousing cheer of the color brown:

NF: "Brown is the color of ...."
Audience: "S#%@!"

At first the audience seemed to need a little coaxing to get the swing of it, but once we did it was a wonderful moment of collective silliness.
Thanks for the reviews everyone! It makes me happy they played Pour Le Monde. I'm going to two shows, they gotta play it one of the nights, right?? I hope so anyway.

The Finns were very good at obliging me by playing all the songs I was silently wishing for during their last tour (Luckiest Man Alive!), so hopefully it keeps up tomorrow and Saturday.
The Ann Arbor show was amazing! There was a real connection between CH and the audience. We were thrilled to see them and they seemed genuinely happy to be there.

I loved how Neil merged "Ain't No Sunshine" into Weather With You, but the highlight of the night for me was Better Be Home Soon. I've been obsessed with that song for 20 years and to be in a room with hundreds of other people who knew it, singing along with CH - I can now die a happy woman.

My brother and I had seen The Finn Brothers in July 2004 and they ended the show with "I Got You", only to end the next night's show with BBHS. I was crushed. Frowner To hear it Tuesday night was a dream come true.

My brother and I really enjoyed the show. I think it was one of those moments in time that could never be recreated.
I wasnt there, Pongracic, but apparently the old orchestra pit was closed off and people werent supposed to be in it because it was dangerous. Neil didnt know and got people to go in, and when security got them out again, he went in himself on the boxes in defiance, rebel that he is SmilerSorry this is off topic for Ann Arbor.
Hey...I just found this random blog entry about the Ann Arbor show...complete with a nice little back story about why Nick quickly disappeared and had to find Matt when he first came out to meet the small group of fans (I had posted earlier about how he came out and said "I'll be right back"). Anyway, apologies if you've all seen this already, but here it is anyway:

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