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I'm up for finding a nice place to meet and eat before the show...anyone else in? Since we don't have to wait outside for hours to secure our spot in front of the stage, we can use that time to get together in the air conditioning (it IS Michigan in August, after all) and make a few toasts to the lads.
Maybe there's an Applebee's! ((JOKE))
I was thinking if there's someplace close to the theater we can get there, park and then walk to eat. When we saw the Finn Bros show in Detroit in '04, there was a restaurant/bar right next door and when we went in, who was sitting at the bar but Mr Tim Finn himself. Then Neil came in!
I also remember the St Andrews show in Feb 2003, and the band came out and walked down the way to a restaurant to grab a bite beforehand.
SO. If we can find a place nearby, we could end up with some interesting dinner companions...of course, we would respect their privacy and let them eat in peace but still..

10 days!! Woohoo!


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Well, there seems to be no shortage of restaurants in the vicinity (very close to the U of M campus):

Interestingly, I found that a place within that list called the Arbor Brewing Company brews a beer with the name of "Sacred Cow IPA". How can you go wrong with a name like that one? Wink There's also a place called Cafe Oz, but I have no idea if it happens to feature Australian fare or not.

Probably the best bet is for someone familiar with the area to weigh in on the subject.

I'll be coming up from Indianapolis, but my situation is a bit unsettled since a friend of mine living there may or may not be coming up with me. If he does, we probably won't have as much flexibility, but we'll see. If it's just me, I'll certainly be able to make it early. Anyway, I should hopefully know more by the end of this coming weekend.
To all those going to the Ann Arbor show, have a great time! I am originally from Detroit and it will be the first time I won't be seeing the Crowdies in Detroit as now I am in NYC. Last time was the for Together Alone at the State Theater. I did see the Finn Bros. while visting my family a few years back at the Magestic downtown.

Enjoy the Michigan Theater - great venue and there are lots of restauants on State Street right around the corner from the theater.
Well, it's looking increasingly more likely that I'll be able to make it up early enough before the show on Tuesday for the meetup. Should know more tomorrow . . .

Val, I know you're intending to go, of course. I anyone else intending to make it to get together beforehand? Tracy? Others?

Sadly, this show seemed to be the only one not initially listed as part of the soundboard recordings for the North American leg. I was hoping it might be an oversight, but am thinking that's probably unfortunately not the case.
I will definitely be going to the show, but have to work that day in Cleveland. If I make good time driving, I would love to meet up for dinner beforehand. BTW, how did Michigan get TWO shows with Ohio completely shut out? Just wondering!

Incidentally, my SO is unable to attend so I have one great seat (front row) that I am willing to give away to a true Frenz. I'd hate to see it go to waste.
Re: the "no Ohio shows, ever" phenomenon, Yeah! How come there's never a Cleveland show, or a Columbus show? I just went to a show at Lifestyle Pavilion here, and I kept thinking what a fab place it would be for CH to perform. ((sigh))

Ok, now we need to figure this dinner thing out.
I'm going to call my cousin and ask her, so I'll post about this later.

Woohoo! In just about 72 hours, the band will be taking the stage. Did I mention, WOOHOO??

Later, gaters,

Oh yeah! We were at the R&R Hall a couple of weekends ago. I think we spent about five hours inside, and then $100 in the gift shop. LOL

But I did find a 2003 CH Masters CD that I'd been wanting. For $7.99! They don't know the value of things there, do they?
However, they did not have Time on Earth, and no Finn Bros or Neil solo. Bad oversight, or fiendish plot?

YOU decide!

But...back to the topic at hand. There's a BW3 that's close--they have great wings and beer and stuff. We wouldn't have to worry about reservations or anything either, since it's casual dining.

What do you think?
Tracy, you and I can meet at the hotel--and anyone else who's staying there--and drive over together.

Originally posted by ValerieH:
There's a BW3 that's close--they have great wings and beer and stuff.

Indeed they do. The ultimate would be someplace unique to the area, but BW3 is always fine in my book. (Down in my area, the name of the restaurant has been changed to Buffalo Wild Wings, but whatever happened to Weck?! Confused)

At what time do people suggest we meet?

Finally, where is the hotel relative to the venue? If it would be convenient, people arriving to the general area early enough could meet those of you staying at the hotel, and we could all carpool over from there in however many vehicles would be necessary.

Originally posted by Romer:
(Down in my area, the name of the restaurant has been changed to Buffalo Wild Wings, but whatever happened to Weck?!

Either you're from Buffalo/Rochester, or you're telling us that Buffalo Wild Wings used to sell 'beef on weck'. If the latter, I'm sorry I didn't know that when they sold it. It's still a staple in my home town.

Have fun in Ann Arbor, everyone!

@ Romer, the hotel is Best Western at 2900 Jackson Rd, just off I-94. From the map, it's a short drive east on Jackson to Liberty and that's where the theater is. I think it's about 3 miles.
Tracy and I are planning to be in town by 4 or so, and we're going right there to the hotel. I pm'ed you with my cell number (I think) but just to be sure I'll send it again, so we can meet up.
You're right about the restaurant--we should find someplace better--where was the place with the Sacred Cow beer? LOL We could bring a 6-pack to the band.

BW3 did change their name, but I still call Macy's Lazarus, I have a block about name changes sometimes. LOL!

Sounds close enough to just go ahead and meet up where you guys are staying.

For those planning on going straight to the meet-up, do we want to go ahead and set up a time. Is 4:30pm too early? Would 5:00pm be better?

I think that restaurant with Sacred Cow is called Arbor Brewing Company. (Perhaps your six-pack idea can be our way in to a request of the song, itself. Wink Definitely more creative than the paper airplane tradition.

If we want to choose it, that location is:

114 E Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Again, BW3 would be fine if we want to go; it's not that big of an issue to me.
That's just around the corner from the Michigan, so let's go there. Say, 5pm. The doors probably won't open until 6:30-ish, and there will be a great gathering of Crowdies outside, I'm sure, so this gives us time to eat, etc and then get over there.
And the 6-pack of beer would be a hoot. I was thinking of bringing flowers, but this might be even better! Wink

OR if anyone wants to meet at the hotel, pm me please and I'll give you contact info.

wheeeeeee! Soon, babies, soon!

Originally posted by ValerieH:
That's just around the corner from the Michigan, so let's go there. Say, 5pm.

Sounds good to me. Hope to see people there at Arbor Brewing Company and at the Michigan Theater tomorrow night.

Hopefully, a terrific evening awaits us all. Wishing those of you traveling a safe trip there.
One of these days, one of these years, I'm going to make it to an Ann Arbor show... I have family in Ann Arbor (I'm from Ypsilanti), and I would love to see an Ann Arbor show and a Chicago show in the same tour! My niece (who is 34 and pregnant with her fourth child...whoa, how old am I???) lives in Ann Arbor and was a Crowded House fan before I was! I've been telling her for years I'm going to make the trip, and take her to the show with me... making her husband babysit all four kids... not this year though... have a fun time, Romer!
I went to school in Ann Arbor and ended up living there for a few years after graduation, so I know the area pretty well. I would've posted sooner but it took some time to get my membership activated.

Anyway, The Arbor Brewing Company is pretty cool. I only went there a couple of times, but I highly recommend the Pierogis and the Roasted Garlic Plate. Actually now that I look at their menu again, I kind of wish I had gone there more often.

Some other recommended eateries in the area if you're staying a day or two (or if you want to go somewhere after the show):

-Grizzly Peak: This is right across the street from the Arbor Brewing Company if I remember correctly. They have a very strange menu (but it's great stuff) and very good beer. I recommend the steak sandwich (which uses potato pancakes instead of bread) and the sweet potato fries

-Zingerman's: It's hidden a little bit (I think it's on Detroit St. just north of Ann) This delicatessen is world famous. It's pricey but WELL worth it. Their sandwiches are incredible and their sides (potato salad, whitefish salad, mac and cheese) are awesome as well. They've got great gelato and their breads are as good as you'll ever taste. If they have any pain au chocolat, you won't regret getting it....

-The Arena: At the corner of 4th and Washingon. This is a sports bar that would be great for drinks after the show. They too have great food. I highly recommend the monte cristo, bbq sandwich and their fries. A friend of mine said that their Peanut Butter Brownie is so good that she would give up boys for it. We used to go to that place every week for Monday Night Football.

-Red Hawk Grille: On State St. right around the corner from the venue. Another place with a very odd menu, but it's good stuff. They have the best onion rings ever. They're the size of Krispy Kreme donuts and just as bad for you!

-Pizza House: This is over on Church St. in the middle of our beautiful campus. They have the best pizza in Ann Arbor (get the Chicago-stuffed!), but their other menu items are great as well. Wonderful breadsticks.

-Washtenaw Dairy: If you take Madison across Main St. heading west you'll run into it. Best ice cream in the city and it's pretty inexpensive.

I live in Wisconsin now, so I'm going to the Milwaukee and first Chicago shows rather than Ann Arbor, but you are all going to love the Michigan Theater. The sound in there is really good and it's a nice place to see a show. I got my parents tickets to see them for Mother's & Father's Day (they're big Finn fans too) and I'm incredibly jealous that they're getting to see Crowded House live beforeI do...

If anyone has any questions about Ann Arbor, email me at and I'll try to get back to you before the show!
Tim, you're making me hungry!

Ok, I'm here at the hotel, just checked in and getting ready to call Tracy. It's a beautiful day in Wolverine Country, and we're set to have a great time tonight!

I'll post later, but I must warn you, unless I get hold of a set list, I won't be able to list the songs. Terrible memory. LOL!



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