My friend Dave and I performed "Angels Heap" at a coffee house in upstate New York last summer. He just gave me a DVD of the performance so I ripped the video and put it up on youtube. I'm the one on the right.

This was actually the release party for my latest album called Still Life which is available for download at my website (shameless plug)
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Thanks so much! For many months it was my dream to perform this song at some performance somewhere. I ended up having to wait for a performance where my friend Dave lives so that he could sing the low part. It's a beautiful song that was totally reborn on the Seven Worlds Collide album.
very nice! thanks for sharing. you make it look so easy to play that song on guitar, but I'm not fooled (of course, almost nothing is easy for me to play on a guitar)
Well done! And a daunting song to sing, I might add.

BTW, those don't look like bags of coffee behind you. Smiler

Thanks for sharing.
Sounds good! Having covered this with my own band, I know how difficult it can be, particularly the higher vocal line...



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