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January 2023 will see the release of a new album by Andy White and Tim Finn. The album, title currently unknown, will be released on CD, vinyl and digitally. The CD will have 11 tracks, the LP 10.

Tim and Andy recently were in Melbourne for photos for the album artwork.

Around the release date there will be autographed copies available trough Band Camp.

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@SEUBYDOO posted:

Rose at the andy white fan club confirmed about 4 months ago that the album had been recorded.

Yeah it's been recorded for a while. Peter Green's had a copy for a while. I think the release has been held back cos Tim's released a ForENZics album and the second Finn/Manzanera album. Plus Andy's recently had a new album out.

Apparently there's enough songs for another ForENZics album too. Tim's spoiling us big time at the moment. Pretty impressive for an artist who's just turned 70.

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