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Double A-side single released in the past week. Vinyl edition sold out. One track is "The Happiness Index" which also comes with a promotional video. It lifts the melody from the c1993 B-side "Remember And Forget" (suggesting perhaps that ironically Tim is hoping that the original track has been forgotten). He's also in "Shades And Echoes" mode for the other track "Warrior of Love" which has a "Betty" motif going on. "Warrior of Love" looks like it will be omitted from the LP version of the album.

Preorders for the album (digital, CD, etc - some signed options) are up on bandcamp and it's possible to stream the song "My Regeneration" which I like!


Also, you can stream "The Happiness Index" here


Finally, and a question. Has anyone got the remastered version of "altitude" and is it worth buying again?

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