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OMG!! Blondie still sounds great! I still love "One Way or Another" even though its total stalker song. Actually, I love 'Parallel lines'. I must confess that I still enjoy Abba and the Village People. I've been getting into some really old semi-cheesy 70's bellydance music that our troupe mentor has been making CDs of for all of us. That stuff is really fun to listen to. They have goofy titles and even goofier covers. I think my favorite title is "the wild music and the how-to" and a lot of the covers have some dude with an oud surrounded by luscious women in sequins and nylon veilly stuff. But the music is still great. and hey, Peter Frampton still deserves a good listen and I've been enjoying old old heavy metal like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. My husband is currently on a Lucifer's Friend kick and I'm not so sure what I'm gonna do about that one...... Smiler
Yay for Blondie!!!

'One Way Or Another' sound-tracked a recent TV ad here for womens anti-perspirant. A guy is using a pay-phone while a girl ducks into a near-by photo booth, slipping him a briefly furtive glance in the process. She gets photos taken, which she leaves in the booth, and walks away. The guy notices this and picks up the photos, which show the girl urging the guy to call her on her cellphone, even leaving the number. He hangs up on whoever he's talking to and calls her number.....anyway, it was a cheeky, witty ad and very well done and in perfect synch with the song.
Perhaps this is showing my age (or rather lack of it). My teenage years were largely in the mid-late 90s. During our teenage wisdom, A lot of me and my friends dismissed the 80's as full of horrible Stock Aiken and Waterman crap, Horrible clothes and bad John Hughes films. After all, Nirvana and the pumpkins had been dropped from the heavens to save us from the 80's influence... (We were so wise and cool).

How ironic it that this same generation seem to find themeselves in places that play almost exclusively alternative 80's music.

If Blue Monday, South Central Rain, Enjoy The Silence (cheating - it's 1990),Blister In The Sun, and This Charming Man aren't played, The night's not complete (Ok, I think we could live without Blister In The Sun - Surely the world is sick of this song now...).

But I think my generation are rediscovering the New Wave stuff that came out around the time we were born (I had a head start with the Enz and Squeeze). And some of it is great. What a wonderful thing a bit of perspective can be. It can even make Yamaha DX7s sound great.

I wonder how long it will be before the next generation will start asking us all about Grunge and Britpop... It's gonna take a long time and a large amount of perspective to make Oasis cool again though...
Oh there's tons of Beatles stuff I could go in to, but that's too obvious. Here's some not so obvious (in no particular order). Jest some stuff I've was listening to last night.

Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Zanzibar - Billy Joel
Roundabout - Yes
Message Of Love - The Pretenders
My selections including songs that come together instrumentally, deliver a strong message, and/or make you think, think, think. I found the 80's to be the era, for me, when the message found the technology that bumped it up a few notches.

Depeche Mode - Nothing, Black Celebration, Waiting For The Night.

Nik Kershaw - Save The Whale, Don Quixote, L.A.B.A.T.Y.D., Cloak & Dagger

Chalk Circle - Empty Park, April Fool, N.I.M.B.Y.

Icehouse - Great Southern Land, Man Of Colours

The Sound - Under You, Sense Of Purpose, Possession, Total Recall

There, that's my entire record collection.
Great songs heard on the jukebox last night (I have these songs too ):

"Aimee" Pure Prairie League
"Never Been To Spain" Three Dog Night

"No Matter What" Bad Finger (someone else on here mentioned "Day After Day", that song is mighty fine too - so is "Baby Blue" while we're at it)
"Crazy Love" Poco
"Everybody's Talkin' At Me" Harry Nilsson
And I just adore "Song On The Radio" and "Year Of The Cat" by Al Stewart

hmmmm, this mixed CD list is getting ever longer.....
"Have You Seen Her?" Chi-Lites
"Betcha by golly wow" The Stylistics (Mmmmmm, yum, Philly Soul!)
"September" Earth Wind & Fire (can't breathe without Funk in my life)
"Just the two of us" Grover Washington Jr. (20 something yrs ago I was driving around in the rain lost in D.C. when this first came out & everytime I hear it I am transported to that cold rainy day - blissfully ignorant times)
"Smoke gets in your eyes" The Platters (simply lovely)
"Let's get it on" Marvin Gaye (jeez, pure sex, who could ask for anything more?)
"Try a little tenderness" Otis Redding (stomp your feet, drop to your knees and beg along - you feel this song)
"Let's stay together" Al Green (Reverend Green is sooooo smooth!)
Well, a lot of these songs I don't think I've heard. (I am 26) Something I would consider a classic are the Pixies (Here comes you man, Monkey gome to heaven) I love the music of Talk, Talk because I grew up listenng to this around the house. When the No Doubt cover tune came out, I had no idea it was Talk, Talk. It just sounded familiar. Duh, I put two and two together and a mention on the fourm about The Natural History of Talk, Talk made me run out and buy it. Love it. Anther band I had listend to as a kid was the dB's I recently won the cd version of Like This on Ebay. That cost me an arm and a leg but its worth it listening to those songs!
I'm 35+,and I've recently seen a prod of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado" so "I've got a little list".. of ancient songs :
16 Tons - Tenessee Ernie Ford
Gamblin' Bar Room Blues - Jimmie Rodgers
Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane (and the Jim Carrey version, not so ancient but great)
House of the Rising Sun - The Animals (my favourite since I was four)
Baltimore - Randy Newman
Listen to the band - Mike Nesmith
Dance to the music : Sly & the Family Stone
Istambul (Not Constantinople) The Four Lads
Rawhide - Frankie Laine
My Man's Gone Now - Ella Fitzgerald
But I was Cool - Oscar Brown Jr
My, I could go on. I'm not that old, am I ?
Oh I forgot..
"I've got a little list" Gilbert & Sullivan (as sung by Eric idle)
Originally posted by Helene_Anne_Lester:
[qb] I'm 35+.... [/qb]
no! i'm 35+

sorry, just a movie inspired moment there

as i edge ever closer towards birthday number 42 i'm looking for new ways to describe it. 35+ sounds good. Big Grin

back to topic....

girl's talk by dave edmunds - a thundering three minutes of classic power pop.

you may not be an old fashioned girl but you're gonna get dated
Hey Doc,
I'm 42, too and a few months but 35 + sounds better;
And I AM Spartacus. Don't listen to those little fellas of yours.
Anyway, I'll add few classix :
Roller Coaster : Tne 13th floor elevator
I'm a believer : The Monkees (drives my 9 year old niece wild, and me as well)
1-2-5 : The Haunted
Wild Thing : the Troggs
Black Dog : Led Zeppelin
Jean Genie : David Bowie
Codine : Buffy St Mary
Incense & Pepermint : The Strawberry Alarm Clock
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in : The Fisrt Edition
And finally : Hunting Tigers Dow in India : The Bonzo Dog Doo dah Band.
At that point, the ghost of Graham Chapman as the Colonel steps in and orders me to STOP. THIS IS GETTING TO SILLY !

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