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Good evening world,

I'm halfway through my MSc exams, so what better way to study than to think up anagrams for ones name. So here full name is Graeme William Coleman, and anagram of which is: "Me, I claim all women, rage!"

Back to the studying, unless you guys can do anything better...

The Woman Claimer...
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Replies sorted oldest to newest guys pass your time by making anagrams while I pass mine finding an online anagram maker for those who are too brain-fried to come up with their own today, lol....

This one works really well, and gave me 649 anagrams for my name in 327 milliseconds.

My favorites (and these can really be deep):
domiciled hand
chained, dim, old...
demonic lad hid
do demand chili
diddle manic ho
hidden idol cam
maiden clod hid
diced halo mind
Dido = Camel hind
child died moan
chili demon dad
odd machine lid
...and how true is this...

I also enjoyed:
George Bush = Erg, He bogus!
Tony Blair = A linty bro...
my sister = Salamanders keep air.
an annoying co-worker = Smirk...annoyance!
Tim Finn = minty inborn faith
Neil Finn = manful linen line
Roger Ebert = beget error
Leonard Nimoy = No dreamy lion...
(...and a couple derived from "frenzwebmistress" that were too pervy to relate...)
Mine went from hilarious when I typed in my first name and surname (Fiona Van Loon), to just plain bizarre when I added my middle name (Fiona Margaret Van Loon)

among the funnier ones...

reformation nova gal an
forearming atonal nova
nonviolent agar oaf ram
overarming afloat anon (sounds like a support group for Superpower navies... LOLOL!)
overrating manana fool (No comments from the peanut gallery, thanks!)
renovation amoral fang (sounds like my last dental work... Eeker )
navigator earn fool man (sounds like me trying to read the road map while hubby's doing seventy down the interstate...!)

There were also a few highly entertaining but rather rude ones which I won't add here... (as I don't want this thread to lose it's PG rating, lol) Big Grin

I needed that laugh. Thanks folks!
Last time, Fiona gave me the idea to run it through with my middle, Wuntie gave me the idea to try it with my given name as opposed to my married one.

So, realizing that I'm doing this with my original, full, given name at birth...The very first one on the list:

"aha...untarnished kiwi!"

So, see? It means I'm actually a kiwi by birth, all along...explains a lot, doesn't it? Wink
thanks to Heidi for giving me yet another excuse to do strange things on the internet Smiler because I never would have thought to do this otherwise. I love everybody's anagrams, btw.
this is freaking hilarious! it ranks up there with the make your own south park charcter. i didn't get any perverted ones. I was kinda dissappointed Smiler However, I did get a lot of drug-related ones so all is not lost. the best ones I got were:
heroic zebra ill
bearer zilch oil
chilli zebra roe
holier bile czar
reboil zilch ear
localize her rib
liberal zero chi
broiler zero chi
zilch beer air lo
that was as good as it back to making all my frenz into south park characters......or hey...maybe I'll do anagrams of all their names....or maybe I should just go be productive and clean the house...........naaaah this is way more fun.
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Nabbed Alien?
Averaged Cider Bum?
Retentive Beneath Zeal?
Cameraman Ogle?
Holier Bile Czar?


One that made me go WOW, THAT'S DEEP was Martin Luther King..."Irk Thru Lamenting." (And believe me, the irony of my own name as an anagram for "child died moan" was hardly lost on me.)

I laughed really darned hard that half the ones popping up on my mom involved private parts, and a few of my dad's had to do with "manure..."

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