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I've always felt that the Crowded House/Frenz community has been a like minded and mostly agreeing place. Sure, we have different opinions but there's always underlying respect. However, after the recent business with Mark Hart, I'm worried what will become of this fandom.

Neil's decision has been extremely divisive and have no doubt that no matter what some people will be unhappy with the result. I, myself have my reservations. Still it will be interesting to see what becomes of the band.

In light of this decision, I would like to ask everyone to remain civil and as kind as ever in our discussions. Always try to be respectful of the musicians and other fans and remember the person. Never resort to name calling or personal attacks. It may seem silly but I have seen many similar events taking place in other fan circles and I would hate for it to spread to this one. But I've seen similar things happen and I'm worried.

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I feel that this decision, from the limited info we have, has already divided the fandom like nothing before it. We may well be the greatest and more friendliest bunch of fans on the planet, but we're all human.

Elsewhere on the internet (Facebook) there have been major arguments that have transitioned into flat-out name-calling. We're all going to have our own opinions and disagree with others, but that's really where it should end in my opinion.

Ideally we shouldn't be taking offence at what someone has to say on the matter. If there's one thing that frustrates me the most it's when people attempt to tell other fans to not express their views, or that they shouldn't feel the way they do.

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