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Well maybe he's not wrong but:
Tim died in 1994, and was replaced by an equally good looking talented guy.

The evidence:
- His voice changed a lot
- Tim suddenly wears a suit
- The new Tim looks to good to be 50
- He moved back to New Seeland
- Tim's musical style changed from pop music tot alternative rock
- The big gap between before and after and say it is so was used for plastic surgery on the replacement

The lyrics:
- "Dead man I heard you sing it"
- "Voices underground" The new Tim sings to the old Tim
- The old Tim is in heaven: "You're the twinkle in the sky"
- The last lyrics Old Tim wrote were used by the new Tim in the Death of a popular song " If it's the end of everything make it good"
- "Waiting for your moment". The new Tim has been waiting all his live to get a chance like this.

It's even more obvious than the fact that Paul Mccartney is dead, and Tupac and Elvis are alive.

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