Reading the San Diego paper this morning they mentioned a new concert venue opening with the Summer lineup.


To celebrate the debut of The Shell, the 111-year-old symphony will host the longest summer-and-beyond outdoor concert season in its history. Confirmed artists include jazz guitar great Pat Metheny, veteran New Zealand rock band Crowded House, Motown singing legends Smokey Robinson and Gladys Knight, and Broadway singing stars Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters and Jennifer Hudson


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renzo posted:

And don’t forget Canada! Specifically Winnipeg. I remember the great crowd at the Time on Earth tour...recording was used as a bonus disk for the deluxe Time on Earth release. It would be so great to see them back!

That recording is great. Features the first time Matt played (and, I suspect, heard) I Got You.

Yes, was a roaring concert.  Neil was fired up being in one of his heros (Neil Young) home town....even sang one of his songs at the concert.  I met them after the concert.  What struck me most was how humble and reserved they seemed.  Mark Hart stood out.....he felt concerned that I was walking away after I waited to get him to sign the program....he called me back and we chatted a bit.  

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