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Watched the movie Amelie the other day. And there is this one scene, where Amelie wondered how may people in this moment have an orgasm. The speaker say's she askes always this bootless question wher nobody knows the answer.
I sometimes have such questions too,well I hope I'm not the only one.
For example:
How many times did Neil Finn perform DDIO in his whole career?
What is a singer doing if he has a 30 minutes hic-cough during a concert?
What does a singer when he has to sneeze during an emotional lovesong?
How many people just laugh at this moment and how many are weeping?
How many babies are born in this minuit?

Do you have such questions too? I want to know what's your useless questions, if you have some. Wink
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Sure, I've got a million of 'em. In fact, I once wondered aloud how many of those little immersion heaters (for making a single cup of tea) it would take to heat the local swimming pool ten degrees. Then my dad got interested and did a back-of-the envelope estimate, coming up with some ridiculous number. This should help explain how I got to be such a geek. Big Grin

Your question about what happens if a singer has to sneeze reminded me of a funny incident from high school chorus. One time we were singing a majestic Brahms piece. When we reached for a climactic high note, an unfortunate girl opened her mouth so wide that both the rubber bands on her braces snapped and flew across the room. Mercifully, that was in rehearsal rather than during a concert. Smiler

oh yes, I know this rubber bands, I hated them as I had to wear my braces. Sometimes they were pretty close to snapp out Big Grin

But these are excactly this questions I meant.
Want some more:

If you could put all chocolate you've ever eaten togehter, how many chocolate cakes can you bake out of them?
If you could take all paper hankys you've ever used, how high would be the montain builded up of them?
How many autographs did Neil Finn (or some other celeb)sign in his whole career?

PS: Alison just brought me to another question with her post in "who doesn't have a crush on Neil?"

If Neil would be a reigistered board member, who would it be, who would match with his/her posts to Neils character ?
Hee hee! This thread makes me uncomfortable, and I think I might be close to figuring out why. Sandra and Evvie, have either of you done the Myers-Briggs test? I'm wondering if 'P' personalities might be more comfortable asking questions like these than I am.

The last letter in the M-B test is P for percieving vs. J for judging (not as in being critical, more as in making a decision). "P's have piles and J's have files." Being a J myself, I found working with P's to be very challenging because they are always open to the process of continually gathering more information whereas I want to make a decision and move on. These questions frustrate me because I want to answer them and, of course, can't.

So I'm curious to know if ya'll might know if you're P's or J's. And so as to not be hideously off topic, I'll add a few questions myself though it stretches me (can't--do--plaid):

~ if we traveled out in space fast enough, could we really hear our own radio broadcasts back through time?

~ have any small children actually been carried away by helium balloons? and if so, how far did they go?

(okay - that took ten minutes - thanks for the workout! Wink )
I have a lot of useless questions some of which actually may 1 day be answered.
When you have a knot in your back, what does it look like?
How many veils does a person really need?
Why does my cat like lettuce and tomatoes?
How much glitter would cover a floor entirely?
How come the same people leave their groceries in the back of their pick-up trucks again and again and let the ravens take their food? Is it all part of a larger plan or do they just not get it?
What exactly is a random event?

then there are useless ideas: of which I also have many.
like putting glitter in wet cement so we can have a glittery sidewalk
making a chandalier dress for the wearable art show when I don't have a model.
...uh ok you get the idea.......they seem to involve shiny glittery objects. I think I might be a ravenBig Grin I better go raid the back of someone's pick-up. Maybe they'll get some potato chips.....

I like the question about the helium balloons. It's really funny. Do shiny ones fly higher than non-shiny ones?
hehe this ballon question is really good...
I'm wondering this allways when I see an ballon attached on a baby carriage. How many ballons are necessary to let the buggy fly away? lol

Want some more questions?

Why is butter always soft, when you need it hard and hard, when you need it soft?

If you could join every single hair on your whole body togehter, how long would this "hair rope" be?

Why does the men behind me in the queue always sneeze in my neck or push his shopping cart in my back.... and why is the men before me always the one with the fullest shopping cart?

How many people eating the same menu at the same moment?

PS: Forgot that:
How many animal species are still undiscovered?
I'm an ENFP by the mom is an MBTI trainer and uses me as an example in every class because my scores were the most extreme she's ever seen! Like, 100% to that side of the scale, for all 4 letters!

In any case...back on topic...

What is the actual number of ballpoint pens, earring backs, and gloves I've lost in my lifetime?

What is the relative ratio of human beings who go barefoot to human beings who are wearing shoes? People who are starving vs. people who aren't? Sick people, well people?

Is there any one, single food that ALL pregnant ladies love, or hate?

If every person on earth were given the opportunity to do what they really love, and were really put on the earth to do...would all the various job fields be balanced, or would there be an influx of certain ones?

Where are all the missing children right now?

Why aren't people ever satisfied?

How many closeted gay players are there, actually, in the National Football League?
Heidi, I did a double-take when I read your question about closeted NFL players--I've often wondered the same. I can never think about it without sadness, because being gay in the NFL as of 2003 is a reasonable definition of hell, and I do think the number of closeted players would startle a lot of people.

Paimaopi, I think I took the real Myers-Briggs (or something close) many years ago, but I can't remember the results. I just did an informal M-B assessment on a Web site and came out INFJ. However, though the first letter is rock solid and the second pretty much so, I think I could also reasonably be described as an INTJ or INFP. I guess I'm very comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty in no-pressure contexts like "what if" questions, but uncertainty absolutely gives me hives when I have to make a decision or turn in a graded assignment. That was a long answer to a short question. Wink

Okay, I guess I have to contribute a couple of "bootless questions" now.

--What does a dog perceive when she sniffs something with such attention? (I've often wished I could spend a day in which I had a dog's sense of smell and ability to interpret odors, but had enough human brainpower to put what I perceived into words.)

--What would I see if I could go back in time and be a fly on the wall of my high school teachers' lounge? (And what's the likelihood that it would make me queasy?)

--How many Americans use "soda" as the word for a carbonated beverage? How many say "soda pop," "pop," or "tonic" instead?

Hmm, these aren't very inspired. I'll try again when a few more neurons come back online. Wink

Originally posted by Evvie:
--How many Americans use "soda" as the word for a carbonated beverage? How many say "soda pop," "pop," or "tonic" instead?
Funnily enough, Evvie, someone has seriously devoted a website to this very question. They've even mapped the answers they've received from all over the USA Eeker

...Of course, I can't find the URL right now Frowner but I just thought you'd like to know, you're not alone in wondering about that one.
I'm not too surprised... seems like there's a website for everything! Though you have to include, for us southerners, the option of saying "Coke" for any kind of soda... Big Grin

Hmmm... seems I'm an ISFJ... protector or something like that. Interesting...

Anyway... questions, quiestions...

I always wonder where does my email go when I send it but my recipient never receives it (and it never comes back to me)?

How many celebrities actually visit their own websites and/or interact on it?

How in the heck does a cockroach live for a week without its head??

And most importantly... why do people like AOL? Razzer
I've never done this test. I'm gonna try to find a german version on the net, maybe I'll post my result- yeah then you can see what kind of goofball I am Wink

Once I've started this questions I just can't stop it. I knew that, it's like a bane for me Big Grin

If you're spitting from a bridge into a river, could you hit a fish deadly with it, if the bridge is high enough?

Where is the second sock that always disappears in the washing machine? Actually I got the sneaking suspicion, that there is a parallel univers in the machine, where this socks are soaked up.

And finally:
What's going on in the moderator's forum?

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