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I only discovered this earlier in the week and it's an awesome listen. They recorded everyone is here first with Tony Visconti (t rex, bowie, wings) in NYC. But the majority of these recordings were scrapped in favour of mitchell froom's arrangement input and recording talent shortly after in LA. On the record you still have some of Visconti's string arrangements and I think mostly original recording on Edible flowers but everything else is the froom sessions.

The b sides released from everyone is here (sunset swim, way back down, everyday alright, land torments the sea) are all from the Visconti sessions. They are included here amongst the rest of the Visconti sessions which have original recordings and arrangements of the everyone is here album.

Which version do you prefer? What stands out to you as the major differences?

I also made a 240 gigabytes of Neil Finn episode which talks to it a bit,  it also plays a live performance of the whole record duo acoustic from Berlin 2004. Link here and it'll take you to whatever streaming platform you use, or you can just listen in the browser.

Alternative everyone is here link:

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