ALT-Live-When The Winter Comes - Canada 1995

Hi All

just uploaded another live ALT clip onto You Tube. A bit rough and a small fault 3/4 of the way through, but so few ALT Live performances on the net so worthy. This one is 'WHEN THE WINER COMES' from ALT's Altitude release. Tm Finn on drums too.

Filmed in Vancouver- Sound Pump-December 1995.;

A reminder too for those in Melbourne- Andy Whites album launch for "The Guilty & The Innocent" is at the Wesley Anne -Northcote- on Friday October 5th. Wesley Anne has pretty good food so we are thinking of having dinner at the venue before the show.  It's probably Andys last Melbourne gig for the year, and this ones a Friday so should be fun. The new cd at the gig and 20x VINYL copies.

Tickets here:


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