I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the incredible quality of the new songs. It's Neil Finn, after all.  Well, I'm also floored by the new Neil/Tim song "Alone". What a fantastic song. Beautiful classic sounding Finn Brothers-type song with that great Finn harmony and melancoly lyric. Love the song.  If you haven't heard it, check it out below ... at 49 minutes 29 seconds. Enjoy!

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Yes, I have a recording of Neil doing it solo on piano on May 30, 2015 at the City Recital Hall Angel Place in Sydney, Australia. It sounds beautiful and it was labelled as "Streets of London." He calls it a "new one" but doesn't mention it's a Tim co-write. Might have gotten it from the Jane site. 

It was nice to see what Tim adds to the song after Neil playing it in Sydney . After hearing a song called Never Return in Melbourne on the same tour, I was convinced these were going to be songs in a musical co-scored by them. Wrong on one count...now we will see if the other one ever makes the light of day


I listened to the version of "Alone" from Sydney and it's a very different song than the one Neil and Tim played last week.  The version from Sydney included some different lyrics and accentuated the line "Streets of London" throughout the song. Thus, it had a different feel.  I love both versions though.

Hi Steve. It is heralded as a literary masterpiece. The text is full of rich language (it made sure I had a dictionary close at hand). It is the story of a good man doing gods work. He moves from London to the Island of Sark (one of the channel islands) and sets about 'giving love" to all insundry. He aims to convert the entire popoluatiuon of Sark to live good lives free from evil. (he picks Sark because it is a microcosm of a larger more hedonistic society eg London).  Anyway, it transpires he is human after all (no spoiler here) - and set a course for confsued redemption. It takes half the book (it is a bit slow till then) before a significant twist enlights the reader ( and presumably Tim Finn) to the wonders of humanity and it's connection to a spiritual world. The story of Harold Pie is thought provoking. It would make an interesting movie with a few touches from Weta workshop. (read it - you'll see what  I mean).

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Alone is about Mervyn Peake's character Mr Pai, from the book of the same name. Many of the lyrics are quotes from the book.  

Fascinating.  I've heard Neil talk about how "Alone" (and I presume "Never Return") was written as part of a batch of songs that Neil/Tim hope to be a part of a musical.

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