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Just thought I'd like to set up a poll for people to say who their favourite member of CH was/is. I will put in brackets when the particular person was in the band for those who don't know. I'll start by voting for Paul, as he had an excellent sense of humour, distinctive backing vocals (not to mention the lead vocals on he songs he wrote) and was a one-of-a-kind drummer. Wink

"And you know that I love you..."

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I voted for...

Mark Hart.
His voice is actually quite awesome, and I love his versatility and what he brings to the band's sound (I didn't realise quite how important he was until seeing them live).

Plus, I'd kill to play keyboards like that.
(It was hard choice between Neil, Tim and Mark, though...Neil will probably get most of the praise, and however much I love Tim's work, I don't think he brought enough to the band for me to rank him my favourite member).
Had to vote for Neil. The love I had for Crowded House in the beginning was all about the band and how much fun they were and how great the music was.
Later, (for me) it was more about how great the music was but less about the make up of the band. Even if they weren't the loveable lot they were in the beginning, the music was always first class. Since I believe Neil was mostly responsible for the music, I would say that makes him the staple of my love for Crowded House. Smiler
(I've got a headache now cause I analysed it too much! Big Grin)
It was really Paul who got me into the Crowdies in such a big way.His onstage antics and banter were what made this band seem so different from any other that I had seen.Who else would have their drummer play snare at the front of the stage?When I first bought Woodface I thought that he and Neil were the brothers!However as I got into the music I realised that it was Neil who wrote the songs that made me cry,sing and jump for joy.My vote goes to Neil. Smiler
I went for Neil as his is, in most cases, the initial spark that leads to great music and consequently albums released by the band.

It was really hard for me to pick though between Neil, Nick and Mark, as the one time that I met all of them I had a good laugh with Nick, Mark was really nice, pleasant and friendly and unfortunately Neil was being mobbed, so whilst he was pleasant I didn't really get to chat to him.
Hi there
Just thought I'd drop you a line from what you could call a new fan.
I think for me it would have to be Neil because as the frontman of the band he's the one who carries the focus and direction of the band.
But if I had been a fan from the beginning then the late Paul Hester would have done it for me.
I've only seen him on the Farewell D.V.D. that was released several months ago but he seems like my kind of guy.
Cheers from Dundee in Scotland JohnReilly
Mark Hart.

Fantastic musician, so very versatile. He plays keyboards, piano, guitar, bass, and he sings like a dream. His voice really compliments Neil's. Someone on another thread wrote of Mark that his voice was like Tim's but American. I can agree to that since there is no sound quite like Tim and Neil in harmony with each other, but Mark is the best match for that I've ever heard.

And he's pretty, too. For those of us who aren't afraid to admit shallow things.
Originally posted by brinkerz:
And who would this Mike Gubb person be?

Mike Gubb - toured? played keyboards? on Temple of Low Men ... "he's a New Zealander of course, from good stock, good Wellington stock" (quote ANZ Rocksat radio interview '88)

Keyboards on European and Far East tour for Temple of Low Men era. I mentioned him partly to be flippant, deliberately obscure! ;-)

What about 'Arlo', the roadie who used to grace the stage occasionally with an absolutely blinding guitar solo on When She Comes?
won't vote...but it's because I agree with the folks who love them all for different reasons. Neil is the sine qua non, of course, so I guess he wins by default. But the band wouldn't have reunited without Nick, and I think we owe him a HUGE debt of thanks and a little more respect for this. That and I love his bass lines, too.
It's easy to vote for either of the finn brothers, but especially easy to vote for Neil. Neil's vocal's and lyric's are good 70-80% of what makes crowded house. So to answer this question I decided to just concentrate on the rest. Which for me means a choice between Paul/Nick/Mark.

I had to vote for Mark. A very talented and under-rated musician. He's guitar on Together Alone almost defines the album! The guitar solo in the middle of Nails In My Feet is one of the best examples.

Here's hoping we get more on the next album.
Went for Paul Hester- any band l seem to go for the drummer in liking- maybe it's because l feel sorry for them sitting at the back of the stage or maybe it's because they have the loudest instrument that requires no microphone! As for liking Hessie- as soon as l discovered Crowded House l thought he was a gorgeous man with the hair and the looks and then the personality- wow! Paul Hester for me- know your smiling Hess with that vote!

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