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As some of you know, I believe that you create everything in life. You get what you focus on, and when I read that George Harrison piece today, I told my husband that he'd be dying soon. If he's focused on dying soon, no matter what the rest of the world wants or what he may try to do to cure himself, that will probably come true. He would really have to decide that he's living to change his energy enough to NOT create "dying soon" in his life.

In a way, I think it's nice when people prepare us for their transition. That doesn't make us less sad to see them gone, but it can help in the grieving process.

I heard that on the radio, too. He's telling his friends that, so Deb may just have a point re her "sending vibes out" business. It's sad as George Harrison did the best post-Beatles stuff... anyone know where I can track down that song of his with the refrain, "Long time ago when we was fab..." - mid-eighties I think. I taped it off the radio (yes, bad of me but I was 12 alright) but that's getting a tad mangy in its old age... Big Grin Roll Eyes
Right, and then he actually WILL die, since we all do, and everybody will say SEE, the original story of him dying soon was TRUE. He could die in years and they'd say that.

This would be one of many reasons that I don't read or watch the news. It's completely negative with not a shred of happiness. And who wants that! Since when is the latest important information the length of time a building in Brooklyn burned? Or just the number of Americans killed somewhere else. I just don't bother since it's just no fun... except for those rare times that the news is SO negative (like purposefully written to make you mad/sad/whatever) that I have to laugh at it.

Now you see why I'm an EX-journo, Deb...

(Besides, it's so much more fun to point and laugh.) Ever hear the old equation (they taught us something similar at journo school), "1 dead American equals 10 dead Englishmen equals 100 dead New Zealanders equals 1000 dead Chinese equals 10,000 dead Bangladeshis equals 1,000,000 dead Africans"... sorry to be cynical but it's true.
Anyone aware of the worst floods in Pakistan for 100 years, for example?
My point being, people actually ARE dying, in droves, over there, whilst the wealthy English-speaking world works itself into a lather over whether or not ONE MAN is actually dying. (Priorities, anyone?)
In the event of George's death, be it tomorrow or 40 years from now, which GH track do you reckon would be the most appropriate to play on the radio as a tribute? I've narrowed it down to:
All Things Must Pass
Art of Dying
Isn't It A Pity
Beware of Darkness
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
That Is All
Bye Bye, Love
The Answer's at the End
Breath Away From Heaven
Heading for the Light
The End of the Line
or Eric's Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

Perhaps more apt would be "Be Here Now."
Kia's point wasn't in response to George's potention passing. It was in response to my declaration of not watching the news because it's 100% negative. I had mentioned that here in the US, if something happens outside of the US, they only tell you the number of Americans dead as if the passing of everyone else is meaningless. Not that I want to hear death tolls at all ever!!

But kia's point was that to some journalists, there is a relative value of life or death based on nationality. It really wasn't about George!

A very sick Houser here, but not too sick to say, does anyone remember what happened when Freddie Mercury announced he had HIV? He died the day after his press conference! He had known for ages and only decided to share it with the rest of the world when he knew he was close to death.
I think we'll know about George for sure when we hear it from his mouth.
Greg - Deb's said it all and very well too I might add, but I'll just say this. Yes, George dying IS a tragedy, ANYONE's dying is a tragedy, but is it news? (Which brings me to the topic of what is news anyway, but I'll stop right there as I don't want to start regurgitating old journalism class essays... the thought of that makes me want to regurgitate anyway...)
It's news to Beatle fans. What I meant was I know there are folks dying in other lands but I don't dwell on it. And the GH lyrics were meant to convey how we in the western world are caught up in the me, me, me mentality. We are fortunate to live where we do, yes, there is bad here but what are ya gonna do about it? We live, we die, we laugh, we cry.

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