Hi - my first post - just a question concerning writing credits and I apologize if this topic has come up before (I couldn't find it). I was looking at the BMI credits for Neil and Tim because I noticed some discrepancies between different sources on who wrote what for various Finn-related material (for instance, Neil has credit on "Six Months In A Leaky Boat" in some places and not in others - not in BMI). "Last Day In June" always stood out as odd because it is a solo Neil writing credit on a Finn Brothers album, but I noticed that "All The Colours" off "Everyone Is Here" is only listed on Tim's BMI credits and NOT on Neil's. I tend to think of BMI as the most reliable source since Neil and Tim get paid according to BMI's keeping track of who wrote what and when it's played - so I assume the Finns have people who make SURE BMI's information is correct (unlike, say, the Discogs website or AllMusic). Everywhere else I've looked credits both brothers as having written all the songs connected to the "Everyone Is Here" sessions - except BMI regarding "All The Colours." Does anyone know if it is, in fact, a Tim Finn solo composition or has BMI made a mistake and Neil did, in fact, co-write it? If it's the latter of the two, then is Neil aware he's missed out on royalties for "All The Colours" for the last 12 years (not that it's gotten much airplay)? 

On a side note, I'm curious why many of the new bonus tracks from the CH reissues have not yet been registered and/or listed on their official BMI repertoire lists. I'm surprised the songs weren't registered at the time they were first written/recorded, not to mention since they've actually now been officially released. 


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Steve Shealy posted:


I don't really know about All the Colours, but I don't really hear anything that sounds like Neil there, you can usually hear him come in on the chorus on co-writes. Maybe someone else knows for sure.


Well, I always assume that both Neil and Tim, at least, PERFORM, on each of the tracks credited to the "Finn Brothers," so I assume Neil is singing in there somewhere. He's credited as only playing electric guitar on the track, while Tim plays piano, acoustic guitar and percussion, which does suggest that the song originated with Tim and was then finished off with Neil (like "Weather With You" was Tim's original chorus melody and lyric and opening line, which he and Neil then expanded upon and finished off). But both brothers are credited as all vocals on all "Everyone Is Here" tracks on (Discogs, at least). "Gentle Hum," interestingly, credits only Neil as playing piano and producing (along with Jon Brion) and Tim doesn't play on it at all, apart from singing - yet it's a co-write. 

Then there's the added confusion of Tony Visconti's original version of the album, which, I assume, have totally different credits on who is playing what for the tracks that were re-recorded for the Froom version. 

I'm relatively new to the board. Do you know of a "resident Finn expert" or someone in the inner circle who may know the answer who actually posts on the forum. @Jaffaman I know from the Steve Hoffman Forums and I've bugged him about Finn minutae before on there, so I'd hate to bother him again (although he's only been completely generous, kind and respectful with his time and detailed information), but perhaps he knows. 

Paul H posted:

Well, the actual album credits only list Tim as composed of All the Colours.

Well, there you go! I only have the iTunes download. Many albums don't have liner notes. Thanks!

Now why do you think a bunch of the new/old bonus tracks haven't been registered yet with BMI? That's strange to me.

I love the song "All The Colours" and always assumed Tim had written the verses and Neil the chorus as they did with "Edible Flowers" so I was surprised to see that Tim may be the sole songwriter on the song.  The verses have that classic minor chord Tim feel while the chorus has such a "Neil feel" to my ears. The bridge could be either to my ears.  Interestingly, All Music lists the song as a Neil/Tim co-write while Wikipedia says it's a Tim song.  And the most accurate songwriting source (or at least it should be) is the artist's website so I checked Neil's website. On Neil's website, the song is listed as a Neil/Tim co-write. Either way, it's a wonderful song. And such a great title. In fact, "All The Colours" would have been a great album title.


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