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Is this the best instrumental that Split Enz have ever recorded or what? I just got the Split Enz DVD this afternoon, and I find myself playing this song over and over. It's so catchy. It just has the funkiest groove and is really catchy.

Me thinks the enz could teach Moby, The Prodigy and a few others a thing or too about how to write a truly great instrumental.

I know that it will probably never happen, but I think that Split Enz still have that great chemistry and should reunite for at least another album or two.

When the three remaining Beatles reunited a while ago it sounded forced and lame. The Rolling Stones just refuse to retire and stop inflicting their music on the rock world.

Split Enz, unlike the above two groups and many others, still have great chemistry and really could make great music together if they decided they wanted to. Lord Nord proved this.

What does everyone else think?

Anyway, at least if SE never reunite we still have the DVD to remind us how great they were, are and always will be.
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Don't wanna sound like a Donavan here but I think this instrumental is crap especially in light of comparison to previous SE instrumentals which are extraordinary.

And Jeremy Loder no offence mate but comparing it to it as being better than Moby is an insult. I am a big Moby fan. 2 date name 1 other pop artist that succesfully combines two opposing musical genres <1>dance/techno/instrumenatl and/against <2>grunge/rock 2 such competence.

Maybe Lord Nord needs further than my two listens to appreciate but so far I hate it!
'Overdrive' is quite funky...nice bit of electric guitar in there, too...

'Albert Of India' is hauntingly beautiful...very evocative...

'The Instrumental' is the great Enz instrumental that never quite made it...

'The Choral Sea'...very cool...anyone else noticed that there are vocals hidden in the mix?

'Pioneer'...a classic piece...

'Wail' doesn't really count as instrumental, does it? by the way, who does the "vocals" on that? I heard it was Eddie...his first (and only) Enz lead vocal?

I'm a massive fan of electronic music and so instantly fell in love with Lord Nord. But I do think trying to compare Split Enz with The Prodigy is a bit out there- each are amazing in their own ways and The Prodigy certainly can pull out an amazing tune. Lost Cat though, is one of my favourite instrumentals that the band released, Eddie Rayner has some great talent.

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