Congratulations Crowded House. We are thrilled to report that all 8 Crowded House albums are now in the Australian Top 100 (ARIA) chart.
What an amazing effort and it could not of happened without the effort of Crowded House fans everywhere! Thank you for keeping the fires burning!

The Very Very Best Of- #39
Crowded House- #46
Temple Of Low Men-#53
Together Alone-#54
Time On Earth-#96

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That's great. Interesting that the highest-ranking album happens to be the one that isn't a reissue (would have expected the opposite).

No I expected that. CH have a huge profile in the press so general public in 2016 tends to go for Best Of's-also it was $9.99 compared to around $30 for the 2 cd Re Issue.. add to that that JB stores had little display boxes of The Very Very Best Of on the counter where you pay- it was an easy grab. I think we'll hit triple platinum with The Very Very by Christmas, if not sooner.  Still it's spent nearly 3 years on the charts here so that is rather exceptional. 

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