There was an album rank done for Crowded House but not one for Split Enz. They have so many great albums and I’m interested to see what everyone’s favourites are ranging from Phil Judd days to Neil Finn days.

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1. The Rootin’ Tootin’ Luton Tapes.

2. Second Thoughts.

3. Beginning Of The Enz.

4. Dizrhythmia.

5. Mental Notes.

6. Time & Tide.

7. True Colours.

8. Frenzy.

9. Corroboree.

10. See Ya’ Round.

11. An E.P. taken from Conflicting Emotions: Strait, Message, Devil, Bullet, & possibly Kia Kaha.

Best live albums:

1. The Living Enz

2. Extravagenza.

3. Anniversary.

4. Live, Alive-Oh.

Best compilation: Spellbound.

5 Best Singles:

1. Maybe/Titus

2. Dirty Creature/Make Sense Of It

3. Six Months In A Leaky Boat/Firedrill

4. History Never Repeats/Holy Smoke

5. 129/Sweet Talking Spoon Song

Top 5 film clips:

1. Strait Ol’ Line.

2. Message To My Girl.

3. My Mistake.

4. Dirty Creature.

5. One Step Ahead.

Singles That Would’ve Surprised Us

1. Ghost Girl.

2. Small World.

3. Take A Walk.

4. Poor Boy.

5. Voices.

6. Stuff & Nonsense.

7. What’s The Matter With You?

8. Years Go By.

9. Make Sense Of It.

10. Missing Person.




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