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This is just an idea at the moment - but in the wake of a bloody good tour time, The "Crowded Out" boys would be up for a special gig in the new year, in a central location & on a Saturday night - we could meet up, have food, get drunk and have a sing song - but it would be dependent on numbers - would this be of interest to anyone on here before this idea goes further?

This is by no means a substitute for the real thing, it would be just a get together so we can chat about the experiences we have had on tour and out hopes for the new album - rather than just kick heels and wait till the summer...

For thoses wanting more info on Crowded Out -Check them out here:
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For those interested and can make it, Sat Jan 26 is the date. The venue is the Hop Pole and it is a music pub venue in Bromsgrove which is a nice enough town not far from Junction 4 of the M5, easily accessed via M1-M42 from the North/East, M6-M5 from the North/West, and M40 - M42 from the SouthEast & London. The venue is free entry & this is a free event, though this is somewhat of a local for the band and they tend to have a tradition of passing a "tip" bucket around for the band. So any unused Euros, American cents or Croatian kuna lying around may finally find a home! The band be on stage at 9pm, finishing around 11pm.

For more info/accomm etc, let me know and I will pull together a list of places to stay. I am assured there is good food places around if anyone wants. With regards to timings, it will be a case of meet up as and when you can. Hope to see some of you there!

Being relatively new to Frenz I might not be up to press with things (even tho I've been a CH fan for about 16/17 years and treasure the memory of seeing the guys at St George's hall in bradford way back then and wondering what was going on when Paul walked off stage in a huff and the look of panic on Neil's face and Neil getting everybody to sing to get him back and playing about 3 acoustic tracks til he came back ...was anyone else there that day?) ..Anyways this meet up sounds fantastic - Is there any sort of CH convention weekend thing in the UK?
Not that I am aware of Linzi. This was just put together more as a way of just getting a night out, some half decent music and just having a laugh really more that the convention route - not sure that anything like that exists really...

For those who may be making this one, Crowded Out are onstage at around 9 and are doing 2 sets, they are also taking requests. Looks like a few folk are going, so should be a laugh. and if anyone is thinking about it and needs to stay, try this link:
Hello All.
Sorry I been locked into my myspace addiction and have totally missed out on this thread. I will definately be coming to this and sorry I wasn't aware of it earlier. I would happily have offered my roof terrace as a venue but think that maybe the summer might be a better time for this. Am planning something of the sort with one of my Auzzie myspace friends, who wants to set up a gig over here and had hoped that Crowded Out would join in with it too. His name is Lyndon Wesley and he is quite Finn like in influence and is really good.
Let me know if its alright to post it on here and I will put up his profile address and you can tell me if you would be interested in a summer on the roof Oz/Crowdie themed party when it gets a little warmer?

Alright A LOT WARMER!!!!

Now don't all rush at once but I have:
Two sofa's
One single
and one double spare bed.

But it will require a certain amount of bunking in with each other. Hey it would be a Neil Finn slummber party......I can tell you are eh?
Oh but I do live at least half an hour from Bromsgrove and have never been to the Hop Hole.
Thanks to everyone who turned up, it was a cracking night! The set list is below. We are looking at July perhaps for Afteglow 2 - I hope you can make it...

mean to me
world where you live
dont stop now
four seasons
distant sun
private universe
there goes god
not the girl
weather with you

something so strong
fall at your feet
pour le monde
even a child
choc cake
better be home soon
she goes on
locked out
nails in my feet
it's only natural

throw your arms around me
don't dream it's over
i got you

weather with you (reprise)

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