Adelaide Festival livestream

Kittybear posted:

That's not fair, missed it. 

Is it possible to see it again?

What did he play?

The archive is there on FB still.


If that doesn't work, let me know. I got videos of the show down in the park... and I've got the painful windburn/sunburn wounds to prove it 


Neil Finn is well worth the sunburn/windburn but I wasn't very happy to get home and find The Advertiser had decided to stream the whole thing on FB.


English Trees, Human Kindness, Won't Give In, Anything Can Happen, Message To My Girl, History Never Repeats, Pineapple Head, Private Universe (slow version), Rest Of The Day Off, Loose Tounge, In The Lowlands, Better Be Home Soon, Don't Dream Its Over, Pony Ride, Distant Sun, Sister Madly, I Got You... can't think of any others right now - The kids race was rather fun to watch... through the laneways which were meant to be kept clear at all times.


The look on Neil's face when he realised that and called himself a silly New Zealander for encouraging such behaviour was priceless...  at least he got kids being active and having fun through the park. 

Sugar Mouse posted:

Wow. What a cool set.  "English Trees"!  So awesome that he played so many rarities such as "Human Kindness" and "In The Lowlands" and didn't play stuff like "Fall At Your Feet".  Neil is the best.

Knew there was another one I'd forgotten.  Just watching the GoPro footage back, & he did get us to sing FAYF along with him.

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