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Accidental worldliness
Martin Siberok

Crowded House: A promise to play the faves
photo: Cybele Malinowski

The members of Crowded House didn't plan to live in different wings of the world, it just worked out that way

These days Crowded House is truly a multinational band. Trying to get the band together for an impromptu meeting is nigh on impossible since the members are spread out around the world: Neil Finn lives in New Zealand, bassist Nick Seymour in Dublin, multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart in Los Angeles and drummer Matt Sherrod in Nashville.
"We need advance notice about having a meeting or a band rehearsal," laughs Seymour over the phone from Ireland. "It's funny because when Neil broke up the band in 1996 it was because he'd moved back to New Zealand and Paul [Hester] and I stayed in Melbourne. He said it didn't feel like a band because we weren't living in the same city. Ironic, isn't it?"

Crowded House have just released Intriguer, their sixth studio album since the band formed in 1985 and their second since reforming in 2006, following the suicide of Hester. Unlike their 2007 release, Time on Earth, which had the band recording Finn's solo material, Intriguer is an actual band album that came together during the recording sessions.

"It's the best we've made to date," states Seymour emphatically. "You always listen to an album and think it could be better than what it is. And I'm like that with every Crowded House record, but this one really holds its own."

When it comes to their recent concerts, Seymour says Crowded House usually perform six songs off
the new album. "But trying to fit as much of the old catalogue into a two-hour show is tricky. We do the 'have-to-play' songs like Don't Dream It's Over, Fall at Your Feet and Four Seasons in One Day. They are the good sing-along songs that the people expect, so it would be ridiculous if we didn't do them."

Crowded House
w/ Lawrence Arabia
At Métropolis (59 Ste-Catherine E.), July 13

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