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I really enjoyed listening to a one hour interview that Matt recently did with NHT (Feb 2016):

Listening to Matt speak about his passion for music and all of the very different projects he's been involved with, was very refreshing.

Not for lack of desire or effort, but up until now I knew very little about Matt.

During this interview he speaks in depth about his different roles within the music industry (including STILL being the drummer for Crowded House, which was a relief...), as well as his new studio in Nashville:

He sounds like a very cool, smart, articulate, multifaceted  and talented artist.

I met him briefly in Boston in 2010, but after listening to this, I'd love to go down to Nashville and spend time in his studio making music.




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It's interesting to know that he still considers himself CH's drummer. I'd wildly speculated to myself that, perhaps, one of the reasons for the band's hiatus might have been his departure and Neil's lack of enthusiasm for having to create yet another iteration. Under those circumstances I could well see him thinking that if he's got to keep remaking CH every few years why not just work with a whole band of new sessions players each time...

I was actually thinking the same thing Brownie.  It sounds like Matt may still be interested in participating should Neil ever decide to get that car off the blocks.  The host did kind of give the impression that Matt will be with Neil will Neil does some shows in NA this year, but I think that he was wrong about that.  The interviewer did not appear to me to be very well researched.   Matt did mention plans to work on another artist's recording in April and did not mention recording with CH.  That kind of gives me the impression that Neil's latest venture is not CH.

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