yeah it doesn't sound that good, but it was HISTORY john and paul for the last time, well apart from the alleged beatles 1976 reunion !
Revolver and Rubber Soul but also The Beatles for Sale (or Beatles VI heehee)even if just for "What You're Doing"...I love Paul's voice on that track. So earnest!

Help! is also a great choice, lots of great songs

Yesterday and Today, another good one, more great songs.
Considering the tortured relationship that each of the Beatles had with each other at the time they recorded Abbey Road, it's a brilliant album. It seems very optimistic and upbeat overall. As for that iconic cover! Definitely should have come out after Let It Be, but that's another long and winding road! Do yourself a favour and buy all the remaining original UK studio albums, and it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest both the red and blue albums. Big Grin
Love Abbey Road. I was born in 1970 too, Mum and Dad mad Beatles fans. Loved Mum's story about the concert - 4 little dots and mass hysteria. Remember in 1991? the Beatles exhibition came to Sydney and I bought a fantastic CD - radio station version - of every vinyl they would make to send to their fanclub members. What a laugh! You definitely hear them change over the years. Back to Abbey Road - a very old friend had a version where they were walking the opposite way across the crossing and the songs were recorded differently. He has since died but back in '91 it was worth a lot of money. Anyone know of that one?
That would have been "Return to Abbey Road".
Although it was a poor quality bootleg release, it was interesting at the time as it featured rough mixes of works in progress. Most of that material has since been released on CD, again illegally. Plus there's been the official "Anthology" series. But there are people who collect original vinyl bootlegs, so it could be worth... maybe the price of a regular CD or two? I'd only want it for the cover!
Thanks Jaffaman! That cover brings back memories! Back in '91 we saw another at the exhibition priced at $400! Unbelievable! If I still had it, like you say, I'd frame it. Hope I didn't sound like I was trying to offload it, I just love collectables and the Beatles are my other passion!
$400? Talk of bootleg albums tends to be considered off limits on this forum, but that was worht mentioning! Dat's Stupid money. Eeker
Sorry, didn't realise it was, and I agree completely! Thanks for letting me know about that - being new to the forum takes a while to get used to the rules and regs.
I was in a bookstore this afternoon and noticed a new 1,000 page biography of The Beatles. (Well, actually 980 pages, but who's counting.) The author is Bob Spitz.

Seems to be a true biography, like "Shout," not an essay like "Revolution in the Head" or "A Day in the Life."

And I have to say, it looked pretty good.
I was impressed with that bit of juggling myself Jaffa, until I did a bit of YouTube searching and found this - it's a juggling feud! All set to Golden Slumbers!

There's more story on it here

I still like the original's timing on all the drum fills...

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