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I've got an ENZSO question for you that's been bugging me for some time, but I've been hesitant to ask because there's a chance that I may have dreamt this up.

Does anyone happen to remember an ENZSO music video for Message to My Girl that used to play in 1996 on shows such as Video Hits and Rage in Australia? It is also not the video from the Dirty Creature concert doco. From what I can remember of it, it has footage of Neil in the recording studio because I'm sure he had headphones on.

Did this video ever exist or have I dreamt it up? I can't find any evidence that it ever existed online and it's definitely not on Neil's website... which is why I'm starting to think that maybe it was some wonderful Neil Finn/Split Enz flavoured hallucination that I had!

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Yes, I remember it.  I thought for sure I have it somewhere in this house, but spent the past half hour ransacking the place and can’t find it.  It’s probably buried on some obscure disc titled Miscellaneous Finn Stuff.  *laughs*

So if you are hallucinating, I am having the same hallucination.



brownie posted:

Yes, I remember it.  I thought for sure I have it somewhere in this house, but spent the past half hour ransacking the place and can’t find it.  It’s probably buried on some obscure disc titled Miscellaneous Finn Stuff.  *laughs*

So if you are hallucinating, I am having the same hallucination.



Thank goodness I'm not alone Brownie and didn't dream it up! From what I remember it was a good video, so that made me think I didn't dream it! But then I swear I remember waiting for the clip at the tail end of Video Hits, which was reserved for the top 10 and wikipedia (yes I know it's always right, right?) says the song ,only reached 58 in Australia, which then made me think I was making it all up.

But hopefully one day it just turns up somewhere as I'd love to see it again.

Nothing Wrong With You posted:

I have more than one version of Enzso.  An American one has a sticker on the front cover saying it includes 2 videos as a 'cd extra'.  I can't play them as my laptop is incompatible but I imagine one of them is the video you were describing.


Thanks for the info! I had a quick google as I had no idea there was a US version with videos, but it seems it's not the elusive video. At Discogs they say in the notes for the US CD "Enhanced content includes two videos, "Message to My Girl" live in concert and "Poor Boy" promo." so I'm guessing the concert footage is the performance from the Dirty Creature doco. I have no idea what the Poor Boy promo is, but possibly from the doco as well... unless Dave Dobbyn did a video.

Hey Belbee, I think I have found what you are looking for. I had a vast collection of Split Enz & Related memorabilia and I remember there was a video (PAL-VHS) that was free with the purchase of Enzso from Brashs.

According to my discography, on the label it stated, Enzso - Video Clips & Concert Footage. There was no catalogue number but the label was a proper printed label.

Track Listing - Message To My Girl (Video), Poor Boy (Video), Voices (Concert), Dirty Creature (Concert) & Message To My Girl (Concert)

I no longer have this video as I sold it many years ago. So I am pretty sure that this would be what you are after.

Ahha, Enzboy that sounds like it could be it! If only Brashs still existed! But the two different MTMG listings seems to indicate that it's not a video made from the concert footage as that is separate.

So the video is definitely out there somewhere, just not anywhere that can be viewed!

Belbee, I think your mind may be playing tricks on you.  I have just dug out all my Enzso stuff and I know I have absolutely everything that surfaced.  If you watch the live video, about halfway through it cuts to black and white footage of Neil in the studio (with headphones on!)  It could be you remember it as two different videos but in fact there was only one.

That maybe what I'm thinking of if it has those cuts. I don't remember it being black and white, but it could have. Is that version online anywhere? I've only seen the version that plays the performance through without cuts, which is on the concert doco.

The concert footage didn't ring a bell for this video, but maybe it's not what I've used over 20 years to try and remember it and it's the cut aways that I do remember, which I can't find a video with.

Nothing Wrong With You posted:

Don't think the 'Neil in studio' version is online anywhere.


I don't think it is either. I think, from the sounds of it, I'd see the shots I'd remember and it would all come back, but only the full concert footage is there at youtube.

There are, in turns out, three different edits of this video. You can now view the original music video edit of "Message To My Girl" at neilfinn.com/videos. Our good friend Koji dug out the VHS mentioned by Enzboy, along with the enhanced CD. Oddly, the CD's very lo res video has only a couple of sections of the song, with large chunks edited out from the middle and end. Worth avoiding that one!

And yes, there is a non-concert-footage dramatic music video for "Poor Boy" on the tape. Pretty sure I caught that and "Message" on VHS when they aired on New Zealand's "Video Hits" in 1996.

Oh my goodness! Thank you Jaffaman and thanky ou to Koji too!

That's the video I remember! It's so weird though that the live footage didn't trigger what I remembered, just those few shots of Neil in the recording studio.... especially the shot of him walking away from camera at the 3 minute mark. It is strange what my mind held onto for those 20 odd years!

Thank you for putting it online guys! It feels really good to see it again and have that puzzle solved!

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