I love "A Life Between Us" and have been listening to it a lot, thanks to teenson having EIH on high rotation at the moment.
Does anybody know of an accompanying video? Nothing turns up on YT for it.
If this lack of video for it persists I may just have to make one with lots of nice stills of our 2 favourite boys in it!
It's a song that inspired the lovely cover of EIH with the pic of the Finn Bros by a river in Te Awamutu...it deserves a vid!

~I believe in doing things backwards~ ~Under moonlight I stood wild and naked Felt no shame just my spirit awakened~ I hate that moment when the guys take off their guitars and Matt throws the sticks into the crowd and there is no more...for tonight anyway.

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Originally posted by BART:
- no promo vid but a live performance was recorded as part of the concert footage from the Nov 2004 Wellington show, broadcast on NZ tv and later in the UK (from memory the night before the 3 RAH shows in March 2005).

If anybody has that, could they please upload it to YT? Thanks!! Big Grin
Totally agree. A brilliant song that somehow got lost amid the debate about the ****ty production of EIH.

I think there are a couple of others that suffered a similar fate, most obviously Disembodied Voices (although Tim did put it on NSEW), The Land Torments the Sea (didnt even make the album), Nothing Wrong With You, Way Back Down (also missed the album) and the great Edible Flowers (which at least go a guernsey on 7 worlds).

I think a lot got away from them at that stage!
A very good song that seemed to go through a number of versions before it became the song it is. Check out the TABAC recordings, the structure and lyrics are totally different. IIRC the bridge of the final version is the verse. There's also a solo Neil boot out there of a solo show done during the recording of EIH and again A Life Between Us is different.

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