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A few bits and pieces which I'd tagged together on the one email.

First, Pomona California warm up show sold out in 90 minutes, still a few tickets left for Tempe.

Next, the charts in Australia for RECURRING DREAM are good. The CD has moved from #82 to #58 on the National chart, mostly helped by a huge chart jump in Victoria from #70 to #31!!!! (Bullet performer). So Victoria takes honours this week for highest chart jump.

It's also #14 on the Australasian artists chart. (re entry in the Top 20).

Farewell To The World (dvd) #17 from #15 (week 18 on chart) and still Triple Platinum, we must be so incredibly close to 4x Platinum....

So all good.

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Originally posted by Anna 3000:
Good question Steve W! So, what of it? That'd be cool. If the tour swings through Kitchener -Waterloo, I'll be on the look-out for you to hound for an autograph too Big Grin.

So would I... you've been such a dear to me in answering every last flippin' email I've sent you!

And glad to hear about CH's continued rise in the chart worldBig Grin. People are catching onto the genius that IS, not WAS, Crowded House.
I'd like to second the request for girl's shirts. I'll simply wear it and enjoy it more if it actually fits properly! The Split Enz shirt that a friend picked up for me last year is such a nice fit, people have actually complimented me on how it looks. When does that happen involving a concert tshirt? So pleeeeeeease Smiler It would be MUCH appreciated.
oh yes, I so support the idea of girls shirts! Please please please? The Enz one from last year was so great and for once I can wear a concert t-shirt without looking like I just came from the gym. Being a small person, even the size small shirts never fit properly....if there are even any left by the time I get to the merchandise stall. I have a drawer full of concert t-shirts (mostly CH) and hardly ever wear them, so to have a CH one I would actually want to wear would be awesome.


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