A brand new charitable seasonal album release contains a faithful Liam & Elroy cover of the the Slade 1973 million-selling seasonal chestnut "Merry Christmas Everybody":


The album also features friends & collaborators Kirin J Callinan, Mac Demarco, Weyes Blood and Molly Lewis among others.

Well worthy of a $7 investment:

"I had a strange idea this year- Rather than organizing a holiday party, I attempted to put together a 3 day recording session with musician friends in LA, and track some Christmas songs for fun.

While planning the session, the California wildfires broke out across the state, destroying thousands of homes, and displacing so many.

It occurred to my friends and I that the project may have potential to help people in CA, and abroad, who are helpless and suffering from such natural disasters, in need of shelter and medical attention.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, we've attempted to put this album together as a donation to a charity who does just that, Direct Relief..."


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Steve Shealy posted:

Thanks, Lig. Who is the speaker in the above quote who put this worthy project together?


I believe it was the owner/manager of Valentine Recording Studios in Hollywood.
That quote and information has since been replaced with a full list of credits for the folks who recorded and performed on the album.

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