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Last night I started going thru my collection of ~50 cassette tapes, most of which are filled with a mixed array of rubbish taped from the radio over the past 10 years. The aim was to ditch as many as possible.

Anyway, nestled in between some live Bon Jovi (don't ask - I'm WAY over that now) and some (cringe) live Roxette, was a gorgeous live recording of FALL AT YOUR FEET. A rose between two thorns, a breath of fresh air, a diamond in the rough and so forth.

Naturally, I got to thinking that, with this vast collection of knowledge of all things Finn we have assembled here, maybe someone out there can help me figure out where the recording came from - probably a long shot but you never know unless you ask.

I figure that it was played on an old Adelaide radio station that was only on air from about '91-'92, so that should narrow it down somewhat. As for the performance, I'm pretty sure that's Tim doing backing vocals and it sounds like him at the end announcing 'Neil Finn' (so methinks it wasn't a crowdies gig). There is also someone else doing some bloody ordinary backing vocals in the chorus in a deep voice. Where the album version ends, this version has an extra bridgey thing on the end (the bit where the finger of blame turns upon itself etc.). It runs for just under 4 mins with crowd noise and all.

So, set to it then.
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I'm not sure where THAT particular recording is from specifically, but their LIVE recordings are INCREDIBLE!

I had one from the Roxy out here in the L.A. area, but my husband accidentlaly damaged it by playing it in a not so reliable tape player.

I think it would be wonderful if those of you who have live recordings from the radio would upload them on Napster. ONLY those types of LIVE performances though, that are NOT for SALE etc. I would HATE for "Crowded House" or Neil Finn to suffer a loss of sales due to Napster. But as far as LIVE performances, it would be SUCH A BLESSING to MANY OF US!

Thanks and shalom...

Here's me with Neil behind the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA on April 15, 1987.

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