I laughed heartily at the part with Marr's guitar theft antics, found it very amusing! although i hope he returned it and bought his own! lol
the music seems pretty perfect.. really pleased with what i've heard
can't wait for the album..
KT Tunstall and Bic Runga seem perfect singing together..
and overall, to be honest, i'm just giddy with excitement! Smiler
- got to say that I am loving these songs & great to hear Sharon singing a lead vocal. Can't wait for the CD release - has there been any further publicity/reviews in NZ following the programme's broadcast last week?

Anyone else think that the riff from 'Too Blue' sounds like 'Wishful Thinking' by China Crisis?

This is one sweet documentary. It looked like an amazing experience but I love how it was about everyone and not just Neil.

Man, did the Sharondelier shop get it's close-up!

It was great to see how candid everyone was. I wonder if they knew the crew well...
I might have missed something, but where is Tim Finn? I know he was skipping the concerts (he was walkabout in Australia I thinks) but I thought he was in for the recording? I can't see any evidence of him here?

By the way, am positively salivating with anticipation of this album. That Bic and KT track sounds a-ma-zing!
Hot news......

I've had an email from Jason Garman, the Oxfam rep who features in the doc. who tells me :-

1/ Looking at a WORLDWIDE release for the CD of August

2/ There is a POSSIBILITY there MAY be a UK 7WC concert around the time of the album release
This is just some kind of cool and amazing, how this whole thing's come together and how Neil's sort of served as the calm ego-free center around which all these uber-creative personalities feel free to coalesce around.

It's like he's become Pop's Beloved Uncle!
Jenny, Either the info. I got was duff or there's been a change of plan in the past 24 hrs or so. Let's hope not!

I'd settle for a CD/DVD release in August and a new CH album for Christmas, with the prospect of a UK tour in early 2010.......
I thought this was kind of curious..Jeff Tweedy did an interview for GQ apparently during 7WCII:


The first question caught my eye:

GQ: >>I was instructed to call you on Neil Finn’s assistant’s cell phone. Neil Finn from Crowded House. Huh?<<
Jeff Tweedy: I’m in New Zealand working on a charity record for Oxfam with Phil Selway and Ed O’Brien from Radiohead, Johnny Marr, KT Tunstall, and Bic Runga—he’s like a local celebrity here.

Maybe I'm being over-defensive, but that seems like kind of a flip way to refer to Neil Finn, esp. as it's in response to "huh?" - "he's like a local celebrity here."

Your city's TV weather man is a "local celebrity." I think Neil deserves a little more than that.

At least Tweedy seems to think it went really well.
I wonder if Neil was in the room while Jeff was talking on the phone with the GQ writer. In that case, Tweedy could have had a facetious tone to his "celebrity" comment that would not translate well in writing unless described properly.

In watching the documentary, my sense was that there was some true respect and admiration coming from Jeff and the rest of the Wilco boys towards Neil.

I would give Tweedy the benefit of the doubt, but the comment, out of context and without tone description, is still unfortunate.
What a great documentary. Thanks for posting.

A really good balance of music and personality. Complete gem for fans. And for those who ask, "What's the big deal about this Neil Finn guy?," this is required viewing. Roundhead was oozing creative talent and integrity.

Bring on the record, I say!
- hopefully the doc. will get shown on other networks around the globe as the release date for the CDs gets nearer. I'm sure all parties involved, especially Oxfam, will want maximum publicity. Still seems the doc. is available under the 'watch again' facility on the TVNZ website........if any NZ Frenz haven't seen it?
OK i can understand links being pulled from YouTube if its copyrighted stuff or whatever...but that only works for the fans IF they actually do a commercial release or tell us how we can view this documentary in the UK/US anywhere else outside NZ!!
I'll happily pay for a chance to view this...as I'm sure many of us would.
Posting this here and on the '7WC2 - a bit more news thread'. Extract from email I've received from Jason Garman of Oxfam NZ :-

'wish I had an update on the doco in the UK. All I know is that the album release over there will be August 10. Fingers crossed that Sony will be able to place a version of the doco on UK TV around the time of the album release.'

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