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We are lucky to have had some shows in 2008.
I think between a new Crowded House album and the Seven Worlds 2 one, we are quite possibly going to be spoiled in the next 18 months (I Hope).

My bet is 7W2 will be out September.. If there is a film too and Cds to plug, i'd be suprised if there wasn't a fair bit of publicity and media for the project and the way they have bypassed the labels (by releasing thru Oxfam).

As we know nothing happens fast but its always worth the wait :-)

Reckon we will see some more from CH a year on from the 7W2 release??

As for whats next for Neil (after the next CH record.. Wonder if Neil is ever going to put forward the loose acoustic demo album he mentioned back in the days of 1994! Wonder whether a Finn and Sons record could be a project???
Just got this email ( I did'nt even relise the day/date myself)

Dear Tabatha

Apologies, in our latest eNews we said that the 7 Worlds Collide documentary would be airing on Monday May 24th. However it will actually be showing on Sunday May 24th on TV1 at 10.30pm. Thanks to all of you who kindly pointed out our mistake and hope you enjoy the world premiere! We've had a sneak preview and can confirm that it's been well worth the wait. Check out this short clip to get you in the mood....

Kind regards
Oxfam New Zealand
Hi Guys

Just flicking through April's Q magazine which I picked up late last week, and was stunned to find this on page 16 & 17. Thought you'd all appreciate it. It certainly whets my appetite for the releases. Could even make out a few frenz along the front row...(As the premier of the documentary is tonight, I hope someone in old kiwi has the dvd recorder on standby!)
Originally posted by Finngirl:
Im not sure hbomb. I've just sent off another email to TVNZ and asked them about that, I might contact Oxfam NZ tomorrow too..I figure if there are lots of enquires about it, at the very least they will know it is in hot demand Big Grin

Well, it's just finished and it was really good. Few interesting surprises (which I won't spoil... Wink )

In regards to the programme being available online, there was an icon that popped up towards the end saying you can catch this episode on TVNZ Ondemand. So, I'd watch out for it being available over the next couple of days.
Cool doco but why no footage of or interview with Tim. I know that he wasn't able to do the concerts because of his tour comittments but he recorded a song for the album. Just seems odd there was no mention of or sighting of him.

Also why did TVNZ have to screen it so late? 1030pm and on a Sunday. You would think that for an artist of Neil's stature in NZ and such a worthy cause TVNZ could have had it on earlier.
'Twas a most excellent and highly enjoyable special, full of warmth, good humour and great performances. The makers did well considering they had to cram rehearsals, live performances and behind-the-scenes footage into a TV hour. If there is a DVD I hope it's a much extended version of what was shown.

What a great bunch of talent! Neil always brings the best together. It must also set the record for the most Finns together in one place at one time creating musically! Too bad Tim and his clan weren't involved. to the ad I say

I just got a reply back from a lovely lady from TVNZ, she included a link but it says the same thing 'for New Zealand viewers only'(although I did mention in my original email people in Australia and around the world were hoping to be able to see this special too)

I replied, thanking her for her reply but asked is there anyone people outside NZ can view this,or will there be in the future
Check youtube folks Smiler

someone has uploaded video 1 of 5 so far (almost 9 minutes)

just do a search for 7 Worlds Collide

not sure if I ought to post the direct link as it has not be posted by Oxfam or TVNZ directly

but if the person who did put it there is reading, a huge thankyou...really really wanted my Frenz around the world to see this Smiler
Watched the first 9 minutes on Youtube, and wow...looks like a really fun documentary. It was exactly what I was hoping we'd get from the first 7WC.

With commercials it's probably only 45 min long or so. Wasn't there talk of screening it in theaters? Makes me wonder if there's a feature-length version also, 80-90 minutes or so, that will go on the DVD set.

Can't wait to see the rest.

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