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Crazy. I never met the guy or even saw him play live or anything. Just a bloke on a tv screen or a radio. And yet he still managed to have a profound effect on my life.

What a brilliant, brilliant person in so many ways. I hope his family and friends can draw some comfort from the fact that he touched so many people's lives and will always live on in their collective consciousness.
I watched the link at the top just now, because I hadn't seen the piece before Neil's performance. I had to stop it before Neil appeared or I was going to loose it.

Just not ready to put those two pieces together today. There are days for that kind of reflection where you can allow yourself the unashamed tears for a lost one. But if I open this door, many more will open and I'll be a mess for hours. Just one of those days.

Being so new the the Frenz family, I don't have the some connection a lot of you have with Paul Hester. But I'd like to share this;

When I was beginning to submerge myself in all things Crowded House back in late August '11, watching official music vids was a big part of that. Hadn't seen them since they were fresh on the tube, and it was a fun throw back. Something about that drummer was making me crazy!!

Like when you seen an actor in a movie that you can't quite place. Video after video, it started to bother me less because I could not put it together!! Something So Strong, something in his face, the placement on the set, between Neil and Nick and looking back and forth at them singing... tick tick tick GOT IT!!!

It's the creepy chef from the Wiggles!! I called my husband over because he had seen as much Wiggles if not more than me! Made him watch and he had the same problem as me, but not the patience. (Metal-heads! Pfft) I told him who it was and he was stunned then moved on.

In fairness to my perception of Paul as the "creepy chef" I had no idea at this time that he was not with us anymore. When I told my friend that had gotten me back onto CH about my discovery, he filled me in.

I am now proud to tell my kids when they are (still) watching Wiggles, "that's the drummer from the band I'm always listening to!!" And I have let go of the creepy now knowing who he is, and what a huge part of my life he has been back in the day, and now again.

Thank you to all the fans here in this forum for loving him so much that you have kept him alive in so many ways for me and others to learn how he touched your lives. (getting teary now) This is important for any life, but in the case of someone who helped create a culture of music and expression, the history of Paul and his time on earth is important to keep going and sharing.

Thank you Paul
What an ephiphany Wink...mine was like that but it happened when Paul Hester died and I cried for him (in my brain I thought it was not right to cry for someone I never knew and had seen from a stage far away). I knew then though that I was fan. Hubby knew too because he woke me early in the morning to tell me about the email from CH that tickets were on sale for the reunion gig at the corner. The rest is history Smiler

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