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OK, I am absolutely FASCINATED by this thread!!!!

4huskies...I LOVE Brent Spiner, he's about as cool as cool gets, and we went to see that piece of kaka "Master of Disguise" ONLY because he was in it. The price of admission was worth his line, "Are you telling me to shut up?" Don't worry, I'm not one of those obsessives who dresses up and goes to Star Trek conventions. I just think he's really cool and have enjoyed him in everything I've ever seen him in. He also has a really nice singing voice. If I could ask them anything, I'd wonder what he and his wife thought of that scary "Spiner Femme" lady in "Trekkies." (Obviously, those actors aren't in a position to publicly dis the Trekkies...but they HAD to be a little freaked out by her!!!) Regarding your other entries though, I'm sending love and hoping that you have happier things to report soon!

Deb...WOW. I've never heard of that!!! Must be pretty darned liberating, to be free of so many female nuisances! Good for you.

Brandi and Julie, I can join your club, too. I was told in 1993 that I couldn't have kids. Obviously, that wasn't exactly true. The endo, to my knowledge, has never corrected itself though even after two babies.

Jenn, do you miss radio as badly as I do? Belle, you're not allowed near my stove or my barbecue grill. Wink

Rain, I am a human spellchecker also. I took school championships in 6th, 7th and 8th grades but placed no higher than 3rd at city levels. In Pittsburgh, they've organized a series of spelling bees for grownups, just for fun. I am one of the people who comes up with the words for these bees.

Uh, Anne...did you mean YOU were dressed as a parrot, or Neil was? lololol...

A few more here...

1) Unfortunately, when I got my first period at age 11, it was in a Burger King where I was eating lunch with my dad. "Embarrassing" doesn't even come close...

2) I'm a part-time video-game geek, and I write a lot of stuff for gaming industry sites. Because of that, I've been able to act as a beta tester for a lot of cool games! Unfortunately, a famous writer for the comic book genre (upon which many games are based) is also named Heidi McDonald, which has caused its share of confusion because the OTHER Heidi McDonald is a pen name, but I'm real!

3) While you chicks were checking out Gopher on the Love Boat, I had it for Apollo on Battlestar Galactica!

4) My daughter and I have matching birthmarks on our left butt cheeks!

5) While a resort musician in Arizona in the early 90's, Lyle Lovett and the Gin Blossoms played the same places I did. (I howled when I heard the Gin Blossoms had gotten signed, because those guys used to be so drunk when they played the Mason Jar, they'd be falling off the stage!)
I do have photos, Sandra but no scanner, let me get back to you on that. Smiler
Yep, guys, it was indeed I (not Neil Big Grin ) that went to the Muchmusic Live and Interactive show in a parrot costume. I got turfed out of the studio but you can see me grooving outside. One of my shining moments of pure idiocy.
Martine, I recall that 'The Widow Corney' had a solo...which means that this girl can sing! We gotta get you up there with Neil. Smiler
Kate Bush was a real meanie and did not see the humour in an autographed coffee table. What can you do?
OK, I'll jump in...

1) I had open-heart surgery -- once at age 6 mos. and a follow-up procedure at about age 5. I had a hole between the two ventricles so some of my blood was getting sent back through the system without complete oxygen exchange. Ergo, I'd get out of breath real quick, and would occasionally turn bluish when the weather changed drastically. It's fixed and I'm 99.99999-some percent normal, though I have a little murmur sound that I always have to warn new doctors about.

2) I "paid" for me and Heidi's honeymoon trip to Australia/NZ entirely with frequent flyer miles. May sound cheap and unromantic, but a) can't argue with the results, and b) while it didn't COST much, it sure was a pain in the butt switching hotels in the same city every night to squeeze out an extra 2000 miles a week toward the end. (I was doing the travelling consultant thing, FYI...)

3) I got a 1400 on my SATs and something like a 2240 (out of 2400) on the GREs. Never sure if I'm actually smart, or just good at standardized tests... Smiler Yet I fell for that "Fool's Gambit" in chess -- you know, the one where you lose in four moves?

4) I home-build my own PCs. Didn't start out that way... just started buying an extra disk drive here, a CD burner there, and realized how much money you could save as long you were comfy putting the parts in yourself...

5) Even at age 33, I still eat Chef Boy-ar-dee products on a regular basis. (Much to Heidi's chagrin, given how much sodium they have...)
Here goes:

1. All my life, people have said that I look like Paul McCartney! (wish I had his money instead Smiler ) However at the age of 33, I now have more grey hair than he does at the age of 61.

2. Anselm is a very uncommon name...I've never met another person with the same first name, although there was a St.Anselm who was a Catholic saint and scholar, and Anselm Kiefer the German painter.

3. I was very advanced in reading and writing skills as a child - my parents said I was reading newspapers aloud without mistakes at the age of four, and I used to come first in spelling competitions.

4. You know that white styrofoam packaging that newly-bought electrical goods come packaged in? I hate it...the sound of it rubbing against itself or cardboard gives me I usually have to ask other people to open boxes for me Roll Eyes

5. Because of the birthplaces of his parents/grandparents, my son could one day be eligible to play international football for either England, Ireland, Scotland or South Africa (I'm the Irish one Smiler ).
My great-grandmother was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for marrying a divorced man. Then they went and had only one kid (immaculate birth control?).

I hate raisins, but I love Raisin Bran, go figure. I also like apples, but don't like apple pie, apple juice, apple sauce or really anything made out of apples or apple flavoured.

I was hospitalized when I was 4 with the Chicken Pox. I had them internally, ever tried scratching inside your throat, I have. My sister had them twice, and my youngest brother somehow never had them.

When I was 3 I taught myself how to write, problem is I wrote from the wrong side of the page and wrote all my letters backwards. My mother found this to be quite creepy.

I never took the SAT, don't you wish you were me?

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I must say, I have immensley enjoyed reading random things about people on this thread. All of you are so fascinating! Smiler
well The water is cold but I'll jump in anyway.....wheeeee!

1. I met my husband through the "I saw you section" of a free Seattle paper called The Stranger. I had met him on a bus, and did not exchange phone#s or even names, and 1 month later my friends were all calling me telling me I had been seen and it was so obviously me it wasn't funny. Naturally I had to answer it and the rest is history.

2. I am a practicing witch.

3. I am visually impaired. I was born with a disability known as chormatic vision disorder or scotopic sensitivity syndrome. I found out about 10 years ago and it was a relief to know I wasn't stupid or clumsy,(which I had thought all this time although I had been diagnosed with mild dyslexia growing up) There's really something going on! What it boils down to is that I have no depth perception,(I can't catch a ball and driving is very difficult which is why I am still learning how) am photosensitive, I can see color, but its terribly washed out, and things look like they are falling in on me. Its also difficult for me to read/write. After about 15 minutes the words start moving around and I see the white space. I also have no fear of heights(if you don't know how high up you are, you can't very well be scared now can you?). This is correctable with filters on my lenses which I got for the 1st time 3 years ago. It completely changed my life!! I am learning to read and write all over again, and can finally drive. I can also walk around and not get lots of bruises. sunsets are also really amazing. I can see the different levels on a trail and I don't trip as much. I can also tell the painting from the wall. I am still not afraid of heights.

4. I am roughly 1/4 cherokee from my maternal grandfather's side.

5. I don't have a high school diploma but I have a college degree. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown my last 2 years of high school and failed everything those last 2 years and 1 of my social studies teachers figured out a way for me to take some community college classes and get the high school I attended to "call it good". It was enough to get me into a 4 year school on my own and get my BA. which enabled me to go to massage school as most schools require a proof of education. I didn't tell anyone about it for years until I had my degree because I didn't want anyone to think I was dumb.

well the water's not so bad once you get used to it. Smiler I can't wait to read more random things about everyone!
Reading some of these made me think of a few more.

1) I can't pronounce Anselm to save my life, and I talk about him (glowingly) all the time. I think the accent is on the L, which really throws me off. Smiler

2) I knew my alphabet at 1 and could read print as well as cursive at 2. There are plenty of funny stories about me at 2 trying to explain to people how I know how to read (or people who find out quite by accident that I can read).

3) Here's one. I was put in nursery school at 2.5 yrs old. The teacher held up a picture and said, "Does anybody know what this is?" I said, "It's an aardvark." She said, "How did you know that?" I said, "IT SAYS AARDVARK." They threw me out into pre-kindergarten. Wink

4) Some of you have already heard this, but at age 31, I'm a new "stepmom" to my boyfriend's 14-yr-old daughter (the other daughter still lives full time with her mom). I keep going to her school for orientation, meet the teacher night, bringing in her lunch, picking her up because she's sick... and I'm constantly mistaken for a student. Smiler
I was born with an extra finger.

I met my husband when he answered my advert for someone to take the spare room in the student house that I was living in. A year later we were married.

I have watched one half of a heart and kidney transplant (the retreival - ie the organs being removed from the donor) Seen dozens of people die before my eyes, and many more being born. (I am a nurse)

I spoke to Jimmy Saville on the phone once. He is revolting.

I had my appendix removed for nothing. When they opened me up he pain was coming from an ovarian cyst. They left the cyst but removed my appendix. Weird.

I was once waved to by Peter Buck and Mike Mills. They were peeking over the amps as fans arrived at the concert.

I have a third nipple.

I can crack most types of nuts with my teeth.

I once thought that I was bleeding to death when I went to the toilet. I wasn't, I had just eaten too much beetroot and it turned my poo and wee red.

I have twice peirced my own nose with a sterilised needle. Then I decided to pay to get it done properly.

I have more.......... Razzer
This is fun! Well, here goes:

1) I have Thalassemia, which is a blood disease which makes me forever anemic.
2) My father works as a pharmasict at a Kroger store in which he fills prescriptions for relatives of Lisa Germano.
3) I have had many foot problems, including ingrown toenails, an infection from a blister and the inability to walk for a month because of a flu virus.
4) I have loved the Return To Oz movie since I was a child, I was never afraid of it.
5) I love to travel and have been to many cities, including Chicago, Toronto, New York, Seattle and San Antonio.
Okay, five more from the life and times of yours truly...

* I have pierced my own ears and tongue (and a damn fine job I did of it too Big Grin , although I don't recommend trying this at home, kids.)

* I once played Count Dracula onstage.

* I could read before I could walk. Dad had a book called "Teach Your Baby To Read", so he did Smiler

* I am often mistaken for a nurse, even by other nurses. (Not sure how this comes about, mind you... Confused Eeker )

* Back in 2001, I almost went to South Korea, to teach English. (I still may end up doing this. Perhaps next year.)
Well, I just have to chime in:

1. Every man that I have dated - save for my husband - was left handed. Every single one of them....

2. I almost died before I was 2 years old ...I developed a severe bacterial infection that the doctors originally thought was spinal meningitis. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks in intensive care and my parents were seriously making "arrangements" for my demise. I somehow pulled through, but was a very sickly child until the age of 8. They still aren't terribly sure what was wrong with me.

3. I have been the lead singer in two separate rock bands - one of which recorded an album in a "real" studio (Piece of Mind) and the other which played regular club circuits in San Antonio, TX (The Stray Toasters). Since moving to Seattle, I've been looking for a new band to front, but I figure no one wants a slightly chubby 31-year old singer, no matter how well she sings.

4. I met my husband, Craig, at a family friend's wedding 8 years ago. My whole family had the honor of meeting him that night as well. My mom had grand dreams of me re-uniting at the wedding with my high school sweetheart, Spencer. She was so upset at the attention Craig was giving me at the wedding, that she actually approached him and asked "What are your intentions with my daughter?" Thankfully, she didn't frighten him off - we started dating long-distance for 1-1/2 years before he quit his doctorate studies at UVa and moved to Houston to be with me.

5. Knock on wood, but I have never broken any bones in my body, nor have I ever had any invasive surgery (even in above said story regarding my early hospital stay). I did, however, wreck my moped at the age of 11 and still have a patch of skin on my knee that has absolutely no feelings, no nerves. You could stick me with a pin in that region and I would not feel it. But I do have plenty of experience with other people having surgeries - I've nursed my husband through 4 major surgical procedures, including back surgery, hiatel hernia surgery and even a procedure where they shocked his arrhythmic heart back into normal sinus patterns through a small volt of electricity through his thigh.

6. And one more for good measure: I have two very large dogs -one of whom the vets have no idea why he is still alive! Flippy is a 15 year-old Newfoundland mix - it's unheard of a dog his size (100+ pounds) to have lived for so long. Every few months, we have some new scare (recently, he had a seaizure - apparantly, dogs this age often start to seizure for no reason), but he always pulls himself through!

This is a great thread!
Simply amazing people we have here!! OK, 5 more:

1. No biscuits for me, thanks! You know those cylinders that Pillsbury biscuits come in?? Well, I can't open them. Let me clarify: I could PHYSICALLY open them if I wanted to, but when they finally POP and burst open, it scares the bejeezus outta me! Makes me a nervous wreck!

2. Love the southwest..... and have always felt particularly at home there. I recently found out that I'm 1/8th Chiricahua Apache on my father's side. I'm finding that alot of things about me (i.e. my affinity for Earth concepts) make more sense now. Trying to make Geronimo proud!

3. Gopher-itis. Geez, yeah, me too. And I always thought Doc was a sleaze-ball!

4. The most practical gift I've ever received.... was a head-lamp! No kidding. When my best friend Kellie and I were poor college students, we'd show up at campgrounds late.....after the ranger closed up. With my trusty head-lamp, setting up the tent was a breeze! Then we'd be up and gone by avoid paying for the campsite, of course! Hey, at $10 just to get IN to the park, what college student can afford to pay to camp, too??

5. I don't remember actually LEARNING to read. I just remember being able to. I knew how to read WAY before kindergarten. I know that my mom didn't sit down and read to me or anything, so I don't really know where I picked it up! And somewhere between the ages of 3 and 4 I also learned to play solitaire. I DO remember watching my mom play, and logically working out the rules. I remember one night, I REALLY didn't want to go to bed, and my mom said "why not?" "Because I want to play solitaire" I said. "You don't know HOW to play solitaire" she said. I suggested I show her! So I did. Shut her right up, and I stayed up till midnight playing!

Excellent thread topic, Geddy! Thanks for starting it. Smiler

You know, reading this thread has just confirmed what I strongly suspected already... we have a forum here that's made up of some mighty smart, multi-talented individuals! It's in reading HOW each of us is unexpectedly unique and special, however, that the interest truly becomes apparent.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far who's next? (Or, to misquote the musical Oliver, "Please, Frenz... may we have some more???" Big Grin )
In 1976 I swallowed 7 plastic beads at school to impress my friends.

I had a small purse that was covered in small slowly became bald as I swallowed them slowly over a period of 4 weeks.

I like beads.

I once spoke to the drummer out if the band Black Grape on the phone.

I was born on my fathers birthday.

I make excellent bagels.

My sister once kicked me so hard with her platform shoes in 1978 that she split my leg open. Mum threw her shoes out and she cried. I however laughed. It was worth the split leg.

I slept with a doll called Mary until I was 14 years old. It was impossible to go to sleep without her.

I love squeezing spots and blackheads. If you ever met me and you had a black head or pimple I would want to squeeze it. If you resisted, I would have you in an arm lock and the offending spots squeezed in a matter of seconds.

I had a baby a few months ago and now my hair is falling out. No bald patches yet...just a nice, even post partum hair loss.

In 1976 we used to get free school milk. I pioneered a bottle sniffing competition. If you smelled the bottom of the milk bottle it smelled of cow poo. The smelliest won. Did anyone else do that?

I can tie a cherry stalk with my tongue.
I am very flexible thanks to callanetics

I have played both Sinbad and Aladdin on the local stage

I don't drive, have a phobia of driving, sat my test once and failed because I lost my nerve doing a reverse parking manouvre being a brand new Jag.

I have only been in one car crash and that was on one Xmas eve in the highlands of Scotland going over a single lane bridge....and it was my mother in laws car...oops!

For most of my twenties my hair was so long I could almost sit on it. I was always know as 'that girl with the hair'. My sister met an old work collegue of mine recently. I hadn't seen her for 8 years and the first thing she asked my sister was 'Does she still have all that hair?'. It pi**ed me off so much that when I became pregnant I got it all chopped off to everyone elses horror Big Grin
Originally posted by awamutu:
Originally posted by boarderGurl:
1. No biscuits for me, thanks! You know those cylinders that Pillsbury biscuits come in?? Well, I can't open them. Let me clarify: I could PHYSICALLY open them if I wanted to, but when they finally POP and burst open, it scares the bejeezus outta me! Makes me a nervous wreck!
oh my god, gen, me too!!! well, i brave the pop because i love biscuits but yeah! i'm there with the can, pulling that crappy tab, watching it, saying "ok, any second now" then POP and my heart still jumps!! what the hell?! Razzer [/qb]
LOL... mine would never pop... I'd always have to bang it against the counter to make it open!! Thankfully, now, Pillsbury has the frozen biscuits in a bag that you can bake as many or as few as you like (and not the required 8 or 10 from the can!) and ripping the bag open is not nearly as traumatizing!!
Okay, I've got more than 5, but who's counting (besides me?! Wink )...

I have every episode of "NORTHERN EXPOSURE" on video...

I've been driving for over 30 years and I've never gotten a ticket of any sort...alright, I was pulled over once by the CHiPS...going 93 mph...I was drunk...and I had a bag-o-weed in my purse...but "Ponch" just shook his finger @ me, called me a bad girl, then let me drive off...lovely, eh?! Roll Eyes

I looooooooove roller coasters!!

I almost died from a bleeding ulcer 15 years ago...spent 8 days in the ICU...

NOBODY calls me "SUE"...I've always been a "SUSAN"...I knew I was in trouble if I heard "SUSAN ANN!!!!!!" screamed by my dad...

I can't stand sick people...very common for people in my field!! Razzer I guess that's why I chose surgery as my specialty...nobody complains there! I like my patients out like a light... Cool

I am a Broadway musical addict...I have about 300 original cast recordings...which leads me to this...

posted by 4huskies:
4) My best friend is married to Brent Spiner
Very, very cool factoid!! Wink Tribute line~~"This is not my good profile..." Razzer

Oh, one more thing...I love biscuits! Big Grin
Biscuits? Those things on the picture look a bit like scones to me...

1. I used to be a competitive swimmer, I remain to this day unbeaten in 50 & 100m freestyle & backstroke sprints in the region and I don’t think our medley team ever lost when I was in it either.

2. I have something in the region of 1,500 CDs; about 200 tapes; 40 records on vinyl (inc. 7”Wink and about 20 minidiscs but I don’t and never really have partaken in the whole MP3 thing.

3. I’ve just started learning how to scuba dive

4. I first learned how to crawl and walk backwards before sussing that you could actually go forwards

5. I suffered from M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome/”Yuppie Flu”Wink for about 5 years from ages 14 to 19 (I’m now 21). This meant I managed to royally cock up my GCSEs and ALevels but still managed to get 7 GCSEs all at grade C or above and some decent Alevels similar grades on only 25% attendance at school (For the non-British or those without teenagers who are either currently going through the GCSE system or have recently been through – your average pupil gets about 9/10 GCSE’s. Grades vary from kid to kid obviously, but C is a passing grade, and most would get a majority of B’s with a few A’s and C’s thrown in. Alevels have since all changed and become crap and worthless, but when I took them the average was 3 per pupil, again C is the pass grade but most students need about 18 points (I think A = 10, B = 8 and C= 6) to get into uni).
Ok, this is probably pretty boring but here goes:

1. I have two kids ages 9 and 12 who willingly listen to all things Finn over any current teenybop "star".

2. I am a passionate Jane Austen fan.

3. I am an indifferent housekeeper but a damn good cook. My specialties are all things sweet and I love to create fancy cakes for friends from their favorite flavors and ingredients and name them after these friends. I make dang good boozy chocolate truffles too. Wink

4. Everyone who gets to know me says I am too "old fashioned" in appearance for modern times. I tried the punk thing back in the early 80's and failed miserably because I look too sweet natured. Appearances are decieving though...bugs know not to bite me because they will DIE.

5. Within the last four months I've become accquainted with my youngest brother from my dad's second marriage, and within the last three with my dad who divorced my mom in 1972 and we've not seen him since. It's fun to see all the pieces falling into place regarding the strange quirks I have that didn't seem to come from my mom's side of the family. Power of genetics!
OK, I'll finally jump. This thread is awesome Geddy... Big Grin

1. I was born with severe myopia -- which made me too scared to play outside. Consequently, like so many others in this thread, I learned to read before starting kindergarten. My vision problems were finally detected in the first year of primary school, because I was put in the back row, but had to keep getting out of my seat to read what was on the blackboard!

2. I no longer have severe myopia, because I had LASIK surgery last year. Smiler Best thing I ever did (aside from moving to the US and marring Nick, of course!).

3. I skipped second grade. Unfortunately, my father (who was my primary school headmaster) and and mother (who was my fifth grade teacher) determined I wasn't emotionally ready for high school at age 11, and made me repeat sixth grade. D'oh! At least I got a second chance to be dux of my school. Big Grin

4. I have travelled to more cities in the US and Europe than I have towns/cities in my native Australia.

5. I took singing lessons as a subject in HSC, to give me a sanity break from a pure maths/science stream (and was my teacher's first A-student!).

And an extra... I met my husband at a Neil concert -- when I moved here to be with him I couldn't bear to part with my own Finn collection so we have duplicates of a number of Finn recordings. Smiler

Wow... these are pretty mundane against some of the earlier ones. You guys are all amazing!
Originally posted by awamutu:
Originally posted by boarderGurl:
1. No biscuits for me, thanks! You know those cylinders that Pillsbury biscuits come in?? Well, I can't open them. Let me clarify: I could PHYSICALLY open them if I wanted to, but when they finally POP and burst open, it scares the bejeezus outta me! Makes me a nervous wreck!
oh my god, gen, me too!!! well, i brave the pop because i love biscuits but yeah! i'm there with the can, pulling that crappy tab, watching it, saying "ok, any second now" then POP and my heart still jumps!! what the hell?! Razzer [/qb]
Okay, this is weird. ME TOO! I cannot open one of those things, I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack even though I know it's coming! I thought I was the only one!

And I'm thinking there must be a correlation between being a Finn fan and being extraordinarily intelligent! Big Grin Wink So many early readers!! I actually remember the "AH-HA" moment when words started to make sense to me. I was three, I was "reading" my favorite (and HUGE) Richard Scarry book that my sisters had read to me so many times before. Suddenly it just clicked and I understood that the black shapes stood for and explained the pictures on the page. I remember so clearly how exciting it was to make that discovery.

This really is a fantastic thread! I'm enjoying it immensely and I feel humbled to know such amazing people (even if most of us haven't met).

I have a few more mildly interesting (maybe?) tidbits:

My dad was in the navy with Harvey Korman (of Carol Burnett Show fame) and they got on quite well.

My brother Gerry is quite well acquainted with Eddie Vedder and the other members of Pearl Jam, also Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. He's kind've a genius and is incredibly good at working with sound equipment, computers and musical instruments. He's jammed with all of them, helped them out and even lived in Soundgarden's studio for awhile (he's a bit of an odd one my brother but as sweet as can be). He even coordinated, with Eddie Vedder and Tommy Mattola among others, a way to get a huge tract of pristine wilderness in Washington State purchased and set aside so it can never be logged or otherwise destroyed (and since it's private, not even George Bush can get his hands on it). I think that's really cool. And I keep trying to figure out a way I can work the 3 degrees of separation I have from Neil Finn (Gerry->Eddy->Neil) into something cool without seeming like a desperate dork, but haven't come up with anything.

*Note: I realized that the two things I posted above aren't really something interesting about *me* except in a genetic connection sense so now I'll try to come up with something more personal... Smiler


I have absolutely no arches, never had. If my feet were orange and my toes were webbed they would look exactly like a duck's feet!

I've only taken one puff off a cigarette in my entire life (but I've smoked other things here and there Wink )

I was supposed to skip a grade, but my dad decided against it because he skipped a grade and found it traumatic to be the smallest and youngest boy in his class. I don't think he took into account that I developed very early (I got my first period at 10 and was wearing a bra the summer before fifth grade) and probably would've benefitted GREATLY from NOT being the most developed girl in the class. Not to mention I was bored to death in school. Ah well.

I love dark chocolate but really don't like milk chocolate (and don't even get me started on white chocolate).
You won't miss the heart failure... they are soooo yummmy, just like homemade biscuits... beats the heck out of canned ones. Seriously. I feel sorry for anyone who has not had the pleasue. Run! To your nearest grocer's freezer section! (Hey! Pilsbury! Where's my kickbacks?!?!)

While I'm posting...

When I was about 7 or so, my sister and I were in a tragic little red wagon accident. We were steering down a steep hill in a wagon and lost control and it turned over, skinning us across asphalt. End result was I got a small pebble embedded into my kneecap. It healed up, with rock intact, and you could see this little lump on my knee. These days it's kinda hard to tell... think it's worn itself down to nothing.
Oh yeah, thought of another: I have a heart murmur, known as MVP or Mitral Valve Prolapse. Never caused me any trouble before, but I have to take antibiotics before I have dental work done. Though I've read it can cause a syndrome, which has all kinds of lovely symptoms... there are whole websites devoted to it and even an entire medical center in Alabama dedicated to it. Now at least I know why I get dizzy for no reason sometimes, and I'm hardly ever thirsty, regardless of how much or how little I drink.

I worked at a hotel in downtown Minneapolis when I graduated from college, and in the space of about a year Minneapolis hosted The World Series, the Special Olympics, The Final Four and the Super Bowl all when I was working there. Saw lots of celebs (Some of the ones I met were not because of any of the events above, I just happened to meet them):
Rode elevators with Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather; at different times.
Sent a fax for Rosie O'Donnell
Booked a restaurant reservation and a car for Walt Willey (Jack on All My Children; no one else knew who he was! He's not even on the soap that I watch!)
Got a call from one of Donald Trump's assistants, wrote a note to Donald Trump telling him the celebs that were going to be at a post Super Bowl Party and left it in his room.
Met the Smother's Brothers! Dick Smothers is a peach, he actually went up to people in the VIP lounge introducing himself ("Hi, I'm Dick Smothers") The girl that I was working with had no idea who he was!
Met Teller of Penn and Teller, gave him directions - Wink
Celebs that stayed there that I never got to meet: Bob Seger, one of my faves! and John McEnroe (Been in love with him since I was 10)
Sorry, should have posted these on a "brush with fame" thread or something!

I knew (slightly) Garrison Keillor's son Jason. He is the same age as me, and we had mutual friends so met him at a couple parties. Went to a party at his house too. He went to my High School in Minneapolis and Garrison Keillor was supposed to do our Graduation speech, but Jason transferred high schools during his senior year so it never happened.

Michael Bland did graduate with me though and he was in a couple of my classes. He later went on to be the drummer for Prince's Power Generation. I really didn't ever talk to him though so it maybe doesn't count.

I almost cut the tip of my finger off in a door. A heavy door was closing and I had my hand on the hinge part - split my finger nail and cut my finger to the bone (slightly fractured my finger too). Only three stitches were use to sew it up though!

I never used a computer mouse until I was 25. (sorry, just had to throw in that last one Wink )
great topic Smiler

i can't really think of much about me, but here goes anyway...

i'm a synaesthete and see letters, words, numbers, time in colour. also, sounds have colours but not as strongly. i have always found spelling easy because a word is the wrong colour if it is spelt wrongly... doesn't stop me making typos though Big Grin . my favourite words have 'a's in because i love the yellow colour this letter elicits.

i named my kids with names that had 'good' colours.

i am a compulsive buyer and reader of books - always have been. i can't resisit reading whatever falls into view - for some reason other people seem to think it rude if i break off conversations to read leaflets, newspapers left lying around etc. Eeker

my family didn't get a tv set until i was about 13 years old. i was lost when conversations at school were about the previous night's tv. now i sometimes wish i didn't have a tv set and that my kids had to find other forms of entertainment.

i can't parallel park.
Hmmm. Ok.

1. At the age of 33, I have just learnt to drive. I first got a learner's permit when I was 16, with my mother's encouragement. Once I got it, she promptly told me I wasn't getting anywhere near her car and she wasn't paying for driving lessons. My husband cannot drive. Being mobile is still a great novelty for us.

2. I trained for about seven years as a classical singer. I stopped because a) my teachers all wanted me to be an opera singer and I wanted to do musicals (Sue D - noone can even see my profile!), and b) somehow, from being fearless on stage, I went to having absolutely no confidence and never made it through auditions without sabotaging myself. The one time I did manage a good audition, I got the role! Then the show was cancelled...

3. Don't ever challenge me to a belching competition. Between my classical technique and a stomach condition I have, I can belch like a foghorn. It's a gift.

4. I have a slight hearing problem in my right ear that means I can hear low tones but not high tones. If I plug up my good ear and my doorbell goes, I can only hear the dong, not the ding.

5. I'm deep. But I am also wide.

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