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This could be fun. Everyone tell 5 random things about yourself that no one, or very few people here knows.

It doesn't have to be freaky or embarrasing, although that would be good too. Just anything at all.

I really should have thought a bit before I started this, but here goes-

1. I had Scarlet Fever as a toddler, and later on in childhood had a rare bone infection called Osteomyelitis, that kept me in the hospital for over a month.

2. I'm kinda related to someone who won $6 million in a lottery in the 80's (although I never saw any of that).

3. I have a very difficult time going to sleep if there isn't a fan or air conditioner turned on in the room, regardless of the season (even in the coldest Winter months).

4. I work so much that over the last 2 years, I've only been on 5 dates.

5. One of my cats only has 8 lives left. A few years ago my Persian cat (who was 5 yrs. old) fell off a dresser and dislocated her hip. When the vet put her under anesthesia to do x-rays, she went in to respiratory arrest. Thankfully, they were able to revive her.

:edited for spelling: Roll Eyes
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1. I was taken to the emergency room at age 7 for stuffing a pair of pussy-willows up my nostrils. I thought they were the right shapes to be noseplugs (which seems perfectly logical) but then I couldn't get them out.

2. I only have three knuckles on my left hand, not four. I was in a car wreck in 1993, and broke my hand, and it wasn't set correctly. So I have no knuckle on the ring finger of my left hand. If I turn my hand over, however, you can see the knuckle on my palm.

3. I am the great grandneice of Zelma O'Neal, the woman who originally recorded such 1930's hits as "Varsity Drag" and "Button Up Your Overcoat" on Brunswick Records. She was both far out and very cool. When she died, she left all her antique hair bows and dancing shoes to me because, "tell that honey she's the next big entertainer in this family!"

4. My left ovary contains 5x more eggs than the average woman...I'm like a "super-producer" of eggs. I went to the doctor for a pinching sensation in my left ovary, and when they did the sonogram, they called others into the room saying "my god, look at all her follicles!!!" (Not knowing that follicles were eggs, I thought I was dying or something...)

5. I currently work in an office all by myself. When I started here 2 years ago, there were 3 people. One was laid off in April, and my boss retired in June. So now, I come into an empty office every day, which is the oddest combination of cool and stressful, ever. At least I get to wear hockey jerseys to work until they hire me a new boss. The first week was "Home Alone" week...I took a nap one day, I came in really late one day, took a 2-hour lunch one day, blasted NF one day, wore a sweatsuit another day. Had to do it, just to get it out of my system. Well, OK...MOSTLY out of my system! Wink
1.) I had chicken pox twice as a child. At the time it was thought to be rarer than it really is. The second time I had such a severe case that my mom had to duct tape my hands together to keep me from scratching.

2.) I stepped on a nail that went all the way through and out the top of my foot.

3.) Saturday the 13th of September is the 17th anniversary of meeting my husband.

4.) I was born in California.

5.) My brother Paul named me. He told my dad on the way to the hospital that he wanted a sister named Susan Leigh. But my dad didn't know how to spell Leigh so my middle name is Lee. The nurse brought me in to see my mom and announced, "Here is Susan Lee!", which was quite a surprise to my mom. Because of my dad's penchant for yelling "SUSAN" when I was in trouble (a lot) I cringe when I hear Susan, thus the fervent wish to be called Sue and Sue only.
1.I was actually called Linda for 5 days and if I'd been a boy I would have been called Brian Eeker

2.I have a dreaded phobia of moths. This fear goes back to my early childhood in Australia when a gigantic one came into the house and my mother fought it with a broom.

3.My family nearly emigrated back to Aussie when I was about 11 but dad lost his job in Sydney and it all fell through Frowner

4.When I was 12 weeks pregnant I was run over by a bicycle and broke my foot in two places, was in plaster for 8 wks and had to inject myself with heparin twice a day due to a factor in my blood that makes it prone to clotting. Fun.

5.I was a Goth. All black clothes,bleached spikey hair studs and fishnets. I used my childrens bus pass to go to the town every night to hang out in dark gloomy clubs from the age of 14
I'm left handed (the only one in my family on either side as far back as anyone knows)

My first name was supposed to be Kristin,but my drunkard father filled out the birth certificate wrong and stuck an "e" on the end.My mom left I'm Kristine Brandi

I had a breast reduction about 6 years ago

I have to have some kind of light source when I sleep

I had an out of body experience a few years back
1. I tore the ACL in my left knee a couple years ago, and now I have a donor ligament.

2. I worked at a small town radio station for a year and a half. Writing copy for the commercials was my main job; I also recorded commercials myself, did remotes and worked some shifts on the air.

3. I took Russian in high school and college. I used to be ok at writing in it but never very good at speaking it (I really can't do either now!)

4. Mine and my brother's birthdays are almost the same. We were born 4 years and one day apart.

5. I am 1/8 Sicilian Italian.
Wow, I feel pretty boring next to you guys! So many interesting people!!

I have to rack my brain:

1. I worked for a while as a dresser (someone who helps actors with quick costume changes and takes care of thier costumes)at a local theatre. In one of the shows I worked on, I dressed a guy named Matthew Glave, who went on to play Drew Barrymore's jerky fiance in "The Wedding Singer." (he really is very very sweet, and looks good in his skivvies Wink )

2. I was in the audience for the taping of the original Chicken Lady sketch for "The Kids in The Hall". You can hear me giggle at one point.

3. When I was 2 years old, I knocked out my 2 front teeth playing "Hide and Go Seek".

4. I have endometriosis (scar tissue buildup in the uterus), which causes infertility. But with the help of surgery and fertility drugs, I was able to concieve, carry, and give birth to my lovely Liam.

5. I have been a vegetarian for almost 11 years, for ethical reasons.

There ya go. Smiler
Here's a few more-

1. I experience vertigo in some high rise buildings and balconies.

2. The first 2 cd's I bought in 1987 were Crowded House, and So, by Peter Gabriel. They were at over $20 a piece back then.

3. My best friend and his band opened up at a Philadelphia club date for Jeff Buckley.

4. In 1985 I was in a Twix candy bar tv commercial that featured a street percussion section. It aired on Mtv all the time, and nobody in my high school ever knew I was in it.

5. The above commercial technically makes me a 3 in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game too. You see an actor named George Newbern (who was Danny, the �sister loving� guy from Friends, and also played the husband in the Father of the Bride films) was in the Twix commercial too.

So I was in the Twix commercial with George Newbern, who was in Father of the Bride with Steve Martin, and Steve Martin was in Novocaine with Kevin Bacon.
1. i was in a hit an run a couple of years ago (i was the hitee not the runner) which left my leg an inch shorter then my other one an slightly bowed an lookin like someone has been at it with a blow torch or something, it also left me unable to fully straighten my right arm due to Elbow Damage

2. i have lived in many places through out the world for months at a time due to my parents business, weve always had a home in sydney to come back to an live in for the majority of the time though.

3. My dads irish (enough said) an sometimes when he was yelling at us, the accent made it impossible to not laugh, which often made him more angry an made mum laugh an tell him to "get over it" lol

4. i have 4 sisters an 3 brothers (big family eh?)

5. i'm a twin
Couldn't resist this one...

1. If you go far back enough, my ancestors of my dad's mother's side were orignally Dutch and actually owned land in Manhattan. They got kicked out after the American Revolution. Too bad I can't claim for reparations......

2. My brother-in-law's brother, Chris Coady, was the best man at Michael J. Fox's wedding, and vice versa. Still close after all these years... good guys...

3. My students beg me over and over to do my Donald Duck impersonation. I only do it very spontaneously, and then someone tells 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on...

4. At one point, my shoe size was higher than my age. I was 12 yesrs old, and had a size 13 shoe. (That's about 48 in European sizes). No one could say act your age and not your shoesize to me until about 15.

5. I, by complete fluke met Joe Dimaggio's brother, Dominic (who was an all-star baseball player in his own right) on a picnic table just outside the Waitangi Treaty House (North Island of NZ) back in 1998. Talked to him for 45 minutes, without knowing his true identity. Found out in the last 10 minutes !! And I am a HUGE baseball fan. I think he just liked talking to normal people about normal things instead of Joe, baseball, Marilyn Monroe etc.....
hmmm, I'll give it a go...

1) I have "secondary infertility". We had our two daughters, then 2 m/cs and then nada! Basically at the age of one month shy of 39, I'm peri-menopausal. It makes me very bitter & angry.

2) My mother died from complcations from a stroke 10 years ago - one of the most defining experiences of my life. I can't listen to "Lullaby Requiem" without tears. I look just like her - almost spooks me sometimes.

3) Back in the 80's early '90's I use to be this huge NYC club hopping chick - along the way I morphed into to my mother, lol! Everyone that only knows me as "Joanne & Mary's mommy" or "Dave's wife" can't believe I ever did the whole underground club thing!

4) My best friend is married to Brent Spiner

5) My front upper tooth fractured 2 months ago while eating cookies in the car with my kids in the midst of driving from DisneyWorld back to Pennsylvania! I have to wear this little fake flipper tooth, which looks like a retainer with a tooth on it. I hate it so much that I can be driven to tears over it. I'm patiently waiting for my permanent implant in February. It will cost over 2000 for the implant and naturally our insurance won't cover the implant, but would cover a bridge. I don't think I could live with bridgework for the next 50 years.
Okay, five VERY random things: Big Grin

* My dad is a radio nut (he used to work in commercial radio, and now tinkers with old radios as a hobby). Not sure if this was intentional, but my first and middle name initials are "F.M." and my brother's are (yes, you guessed it) "A.M."... Roll Eyes

* My wedding date, written in the Australian (rather than American) date protocol, was 9/11 (that's the 9th November, BTW). (This may explain why said marriage turned into such a smoking ruin in such a short time... or maybe not Eeker )

* I learnt both German and French in high school, became reasonably proficient in both languages... however, lack of use in the intervening 12 years has meant I'm no longer even competent in either. Frowner

* My family very nearly moved to the Connecticut/Massachusetts area in the 1980's, when I was in high school. (instead, I ended up living there for nine months in 2002-2003...)

* I was once in the Australian Childrens' Choir (I sang alto.)

Edited because I cannot punctuate to save my life. Smiler
1. Just six weeks after I was born, my parents and I moved to Papa New Guinea for my dad's work where we lived and were treated like royalty. One of our security guards was hit with an arrow on 4 seperate occasions but he never resigned! After a year and a couple of months my mother demanded that we move back to Australia where we no longer lived or were treated like royalty, damn it.

2. When I was 9, most of my eyelashes and eyebrows were singed off when a portable barbeque exploded while I was sitting next to it. Thankfully all the hair grew back.

3. When I was 12, I came first place in a creative writing competition. I had my story published in a big Sydney newspaper and recieved a couple of hundred dollars in prize money.

4. I have accidently started 3 fires. I burnt a large portion of carpet at my aunty's house, set a table alight at my mother's 40th birthday party and burned our garden completely to the ground at my old house.

5. By strange coincidence, my father has sat behind Michael Bolton on a plane on 2 seperate occasions!
This is a fascinating thread! Ok, I'll bite.

1. My mother and father are step-brother and sister. (My dad's dad married my mom's mom.) I had only one set of grandparents. (My dad's mom and my mom's dad both died when my parents were about 9.) My parents got married on Sept 11.

2. I no longer have my gall bladder. It was removed in 2000, about 7 months after delivering my son.

3. I won my class spelling bee in 5th grade. I was supposed to then compete against the other winners in other grades (like 6th graders) the next week, but I got strep throat and had to stay home. The runner-up had to go in my stead. Then in 8th grade I was runner-up to the spelling bee winner in the school. (she and I went round and round with words for about an hour until finally I lost.)

4. My birthday is December 7, 1971, the 30th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. My husband's birthday is December 11. By strange coincidence, we were married on 7/11.

5. My only celebrity stories: My mom once got Paul Lynde's autograph; my dad once worked with Jeff Foxworthy's dad; my sister once dated a guy who went on to be Barry Manilow's backup singer for a while (and then married my sister-in-law's niece!); my sister took piano lessons from Mr. Roger's wife's best friend (and thus she had dinner with the Rogers' once, and she got my mom an autographed pic of Mr. Rogers); my sister plays in the Omaha symphony and got to meet James Taylor when he played with them, and also Three Dog Night; and I once met Brian Bloom[/URL] when I was 16 and worked at a movie theatre (he used to play Dusty on As the World Turns). He and a friend came to see a movie and I was working the box office... they complained about the price of tickets! I didn't realize who he was until he had disappeared into the theatre. (I kept thinking, "he looks familiar" and then realized why he kept looking at me like, "don't you recognize me?") Maybe he's a nice, guy, but he seeemed like a jerk. OH yeah, and I met Emmanuel Lewis when I was working the concession stand at that theatre. He couldn't see over the counter, but he handed me a $100 bill and asked if I could break that (and I couldn't!). I went to school with his sister. Oh yeah, and I used to work at a bank processing center, and I once saw a deposit slip go through from Evander Holyfield (yes, it was for a couple million).
Fun thread, I'm going to jump in.

1. I had braces from age 15 to 20

2. I was a Beatle fan for over 30 years. My son's name is Paul and he was born on Ringo's 54th birthday.

3. I have worked at the same company for almost 25 years

4. My mother once flew to Alert (somewhere near the North Pole)in a military jet to entertain the American troops stationed there 5 days before Christmas the year I turned 10. She was/is a professional singer. She had less than an hour's notice to get to the airport. I was terrified she wouldn't be home in time for Christmas. She was. (Thanks Uncle Sam)

5. I once had a premonition that I was going to be shot at ..... and I was several hours later (and happily lived to tell the tale)

Next!! Wink
What an excellent topic, I can't resist.

1. There's a birthmark around my left collarbone that bears a striking resemblance to South America.

2. I seriously considered becoming a magician until I was about thirteen...I still think it would be neat to make balloon animals Smiler

3. I'm nineteen and I don't drive - I have some irrational fear of learning how, don't know where it came from.

4. Several years ago, my family decided to put down my very sick, elderly cat before we went on a long vacation. The day before we were to leave, she completely disappeared, and my parents assumed she'd gone off to die. That night, I had a dream that she visited me, and she was young, healthy and surrounded with light. The next day we called around to the neighbors, and found that one of them had discovered her in their backyard and taken her to our vet to be put down.

5. I like to hang all of my clothes but my socks and underwear. I absolutely hate folding!
1. i was a premie (3.5 months early, weighed 2 pounds)

2. i loathe my hair (LOATHE.)

3. when i was 2 i backed a car from off a driveway, clear across the street into a garage. they found me with a basketball on my lap and a stupid grin on my face.

4. i've also had chicken pox twice

5. i forged many a note and signature on detention slips in middle school
Sweet!! Gotta think of a few....

1. I was a miracle baby. My Mom had had 2 m/c's before conceiving me, then after giving birth (at age 41) I promptly contracted Rubella and nearly died.

2. I was a Star Wars FREEEK. I used to entertain friends and family by reciting all/part of any Star Wars movie....complete with accents and alien languages!

3. I am a high school drop-out. Early in my sophomore year I'd finally had enough....stupid teachers, stupid classmates, etc. Took the California High School Equivilency Exam at 15 and passed it. Stole a work permit from the office, copied it, and forged them for 3 years while working at Burger King. Still working on my #$@%!#& Bachelor's degree......

4. I too am gall bladder-less. I had my gall bladder removed in 1999....2 months after Chris and I started dating. I couldn't eat ANYthing for 3 weeks without EXTREME pain, and lost 25 pounds in the process! Of course they all came BACK.....

5. Bones I've broken/injuries sustained playing hockey......
All fingers broken (except rt hand middle finger; never broken) at LEAST twice. Left hand pinkie 4 times.

Nose broken. Twice. (created LOVELY black eyes!)

Left pinkie toe broken three times; right pinkie toe broken once.

Right shoulder dis-located.

ICL in right knee strained.

Right ankle hyper-extended, creating MONTHS of pain and physical therapy.

Left ear cut by somebody's stick blade.

Numerous cuts to face by sticks/pucks....but few scars! Big Grin

6 concussions.

Fractured left orbital bone (eye socket) sustained in mid-ice collision. Happened in game 1 of a 5-game, 2 day tournament in BC. Only missed 1 shift that game, and played all other games. Showed up the next morning with a black & blue face and my eye almost swollen shut. Was known as the "tough American chick" for the remainder of the tournament!

......And only the ankle injury kept me off my skates for more than 3 days! I LOVE PLAYING HOCKEY!!
awamutu, I hate raisins either. ugh I couldn't stand them my whole life.

So I try to get 5

1) My mom, my grandma and I, have a birthmark on the same place in the neck. My two sisters haven't such a birthmark.

2) I was able to swim when I was about 4 without passing any swim cours. (don't try this at home kids)

3) Within 1 year I had first broken the bone of my leg and then the bone of my right hand. I was about 5 when this happened.

4) I once was completly in love with Gopher from the Love Boat ( I can't believe it that I'm telling you that

5) A few years ago I use to had a wart on my right thumb.

Puuuh this thread is really embarrassing for me. Big Grin
1. Ive never even kissed another guy since I was 17

2. I've only ever even 'been' with him.

3. He's my best friend
4.I bragged how I'd never been in hospital and within 8 wks I had fractured my skull and had my appendix out.
5.My sister was born with 6 toes on 1 foot
Oh and I typed that list when I was as nissed as a pewt last night Roll Eyes
wow...luv the thread...

ok, here are mine:

* I didn't have a name for the first few months of my life. I was called Christopher Columbus (no one knows why) until my parents settled on Margaret (but please, call me Maggie)

* I saw a ghost when I was a kid

* I'm missing a third of a tendon in my knee because it was used to replace the ligament I severed during a basketball game - that was the end of my WNBA career Wink

* I had my nipple pierced in college

* Oh, and when I have a bad cold I can blow snot out of my eye (ok, I'm not proud of that one)

Who's next?
5 things that very few people know. That's gonna be tough since I am a bit of an open book... though the first two are easy and obvious for me. Smiler

1) I was born with Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (I think it's syndrome). This means I have no uterus, fallopian tubes, or cervix. I am hormonally normal, XX chromosomes, and even have functioning ovaries, but clearly I don't menstruate nor can I get pregnant. Nor do I need a pap smear. Smiler It's a 1 in a million genetic mutation.

2) I am thrilled to f'ing pieces over it. When I was 8-ish and was told the "what a woman's body becomes" speech, I hated it all. I looked out of my window every night at a star in the sky and prayed that I wouldn't have a uterus and I wouldn't have to get a period or get pregnant/have children. When I was 16, we found out #1 above, and it was a great day! My Mom still hasn't dealt with it, but that's her issue.

3) I never wanted children. So the above work really well for me. Smiler At least I never wanted babies. I completely love my boyfriend's children since they are old enough to be their own people, I didn't have to wipe them, and I'm not responsible for their psychology up to this point. Smiler

4) I have never taken a computer class other than learning some BASIC on a Commodore Pet in 1979 (age 7). I'm completely self-taught.

5) I have a 4-yr Bachelors degree in Music from Tufts University in Medford, MA (outside of Boston). Most people think I must have a computer or business degree, but I don't! I was majoring in pre-med and music and dropped the pre-med just before I was done with it. I've been doing grad school online, an MBA with either a Marketing or E-Business specialty, but I just dropped out again to have to time to be a full time stepmom.
Wow. This is really fascinating! I too am a bit of an open book, so forgive me if you already knew this about me:

1. I had a twin that my mother miscarried. Which is especially odd because my mother really wanted a dozen kids (don't ask me why, I have no idea) and we would've been #11 and #12. After I was born my mother had to have a hysterectomy. My paternal grandmother (who is Greek) told my mom not to feel bad because she had a "Greek dozen." From what she said, when you buy a dozen of anything from a Greek, you should count it carefully because they'll try to give you eleven items instead of twelve. I don't know if this is true or my grandma had some kind of hatred for her own people, but there you go.

2. I don't like any kind of seafood. I wish I did. I've tried, honestly, but no go. People always say "Oh, you just haven't tried really fresh seafood, or it wasn't well-cooked, or you haven't tried lobster from ...." but I SWEAR, I've tried it over and over, with a real desire to enjoy it, but I just don't. I love how sushi looks, I love the presentation, I love wasabi and ginger and soy. I even love the little plastic grass. But I just have to stick to vegetarian sushi when I go to Japanese restaurants.

3. I get really, really freaked out by the feeling of ice sticking to my hand (like when you reach in the freezer for some ice and your hand is wet). *shudder* But I'm not afraid of mice, rats, snakes, lizards or most other things that traditionally freak people out. Those feathery centipede things are pretty gross though, I will concede that.

4. I love children's books, and collect them. I have quite a library of different authors and illustrators. Oddly enough I've never wanted to have children, which brings me to...

5. I never wanted to have children at all, no desire, nada. But lately sometimes I have dreams that I'm talking to my son and his name is Avery. It's probably just my hormones knocking on the door and saying "You're 33, let's get this show on the road..." but it would be weird to change my mind then have a son straight away. I guess I'd definitely name him Avery! Smiler
Great topic! I can only think of three things right now:

1. My middle name is Dawn, which was my father�s middle name (spelled the same way) and his grandfather�s middle name.

2. Here�s the story behind my first name. My great-great-grandfather lived in a small fishing village in Newfoundland. There was a lady in town that had a problem with her legs/feet and was not able to get around. So, on Sundays, my great-great grandfather would go to her house and literally carry her to church and back. When she passed away, her bible was given to him and I have it now. On the inside, written in very old-fashioned handwriting, is �Joanna Jane Stickland � May 18, 1860� and that�s where my name came from. Big Grin

3. I�ve never had any pets (except a few fish) because my Mom and sister were allergic to most living things. I�d like to get a cockateil, but I have asthma, so I�d have to really look into it first.
This is great! I'm still trying to decide whether I should tell you number one...oh..what the hell.

1. I wet the bed until I was a teenager

2. My father was killed after being hit by a motorcycle (a Ducati for those who want details) while he was crossing the road. It was night time & he had no ID. I drove past the accident with my friend but thankfully we didn't stop.

3. I too am gallbladder-less. Had it out last August just before I went to the US on hols. I can tell you that holiday turned into "search for a bathroom" Big Grin

4. My hair is so fine that from the back it looks like I have a bald patch.

5. I don't do any housework & my house shows it!
Originally posted by Alison:
[qb] This is great! I'm still trying to decide whether I should tell you number one...oh..what the hell.

1. I wet the bed until I was a teenager

4. My hair is so fine that from the back it looks like I have a bald patch.

5. I don't do any housework & my house shows it! [/qb]
I could've used the above three items in mine! So don't feel bad!
Great threadSmiler

ok, % random things about me Smiler

1. I moved to the country when I was about 3 but I was born in Melbourne. I plan on living there when I leave home too Smiler

2. I was born in 1986, but my parents were married in '79 which means I could be older than I am but my parents didn't want to have kids right after they were married.

3. I was the victorian state champion cartoonist in 1998 in the under 15 age range. ( was in grade 6). If I'd won the national championship then I would of won a trip to queensland and I would of met Michael Lunig. I was pissed off I didn't get that far.

4. I have a fear of clowns. I'm dead serious. They freak me right out Red Face

5. I've been really sick for about 3 years but the doctors haven't been able to work out what's wrong with me. I find out at the end of this month. XX FINGERS CROSSED XX

who's next?
This is a pretty trippy thread.

Let's see. This is all true, by the way.

1. I have no uterus.

2. I went to a hockey game with Dean's brother's brother-in-law (or brother-in-law's brother?), Chris Coady. How's THAT for a coincidence (since I don't know Dean).

This is getting far too personal. I'm stopping at two.

Nice thread

1. I also have fertility problems, I suffer from PCOS. I was incredibly lucky to be able to have my two boys with treatment but have recently given up the hope of getting pregnant again.

2. I was an only child until I was 12 and my dreams came true when I got a baby brother.

3. My elbows and shoulders are double jointed.

4. I'm really interested in the unexplained, ghosts, phsycics, ufos etc etc

5. I am afraid of heights and flying, I've avoided flying for a while but we're off on our hols to Florida in a couple of weeks and I'm worried already.
5 More:

5) I have Fred Flinstone feet.

4) I lived in the Netherlands from 1967-1969. Used to speak Dutch fluently, but can not anymore.

3) We had a cat named Kit who would come when I crowed like a rooster (cock a doodle doooo) but wouldn't do it for anyone else.

2) My parrot used to love me, and wouldn't let anyone else get near him, now he won't let me get near him and only will let my hubby pet him.

1) I can't do a cartwheel.
I think I have probably shared most of this already. This is a great thread!

1)I can't wear a watch because I have a magnetic field in my bloodstream that kills the battery.

2)Kate Bush refused to sign my coffee table.

3)I played 'Nancy' in 'Oliver'.

4)I raised my canary, Richard, from an egg.

5)I met Neil Finn while wearing a parrot costume.

Edited for my usual creative spelling, grammar, punctuation etc...
Hey Wuntie:

I played the Widow Corney (spelling??) in Oliver!!

You met Neil Finn dressed as a parrot? Would you care to flesh out this story a bit? It sounds fascinating. (was he dressed as Captain Hook?) (hee hee)

Start a new thread in the Neil Forum: Possible title:

"Who else has met Neil Finn dressed as a Parrot?"

I'll be waiting for it!! Big Grin

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