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Oh there's a lot different about this new setup. Here are some things to know.

1) By now, you've probably updated your profile. I've added some new fields there. You may have to set your avatar again.

2a) Some users didn't migrate correctly. Interestingly enough, mine didn't. So where you see , I sure did post that, but it didn't really connect that to my account. So it thinks I've posted 10 times. I'll have to fix that if I can!

2b) Polls don't seem to have migrated properly either. Sorry many of those are gone. Apostrophes don't look right either! Oh well.

3) Go through your profile into preferences and private messages. There are new settings having to do with when you want email notification about different things. If you don't set this, you won't get emails at certain points.

4) You can private message multiple people at the same time. That creates totally private conversations. But if you delete that PM from your profile, I think it's deleted for EVERYBODY who was part of it.

5) Topics can be rated. Ratings won't show until 10 people have given it a rating.

6) The W2S side is still being built. So you'll see that added throughout the day. You'll need to be a paying member or in the free trial period to read, post, vote, upload, or live chat.

7) Chat room(s) are located by clicking GO and then "Chat Rooms."

8) If you want a certain icon for your post or reply, click the box NEXT to the subject when the window opens for your post or reply. Right now, there are very few. I'll look into adding the old ones.

I'll post more here as I can give you more tips on stuff.
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9) Topic leads, for those of you starting topics, are only shown when someone is looking at the page for everything in a particular forum. It's like a summary of what your topic is about. Don't make it too long, please, or we may have to shut those off!

10) REPORT POST is now the triangle with the exclamation point at the bottom right of any particular post.

11) "Quick Reply" is the yellow arrow to the right at the bottom right of a topic. It's also along the top near REPLY. Clicking REPLY in either location will give you the full reply form and all those options.

12) You can drop faces and other things into posts by clicking the boxes above the post/reply text area.

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