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No, I'm not flogging off secondhand goods! Smiler

I was in the city (Melbourne) the other day & found a secondhand record store (right in the centre of the city). I ended up buying a few cheap Split Enz LPs in greaat knick for $5 (Great value! Smiler )

Anyway, I was searching through the Crowded House section there & came across the Australian releases of both the it's only natural and four seasons in one day singles (both from about 1991). Nice looking, good condition & all (I would have happily bought them Smiler ), but the price tag freaked me out... AU$30 each! (They weren't signed or limited edition or anything special).

What's the deal with that? Roll Eyes I know you don't see many Crowded House singles around, but it's not like they were antique or anything! You see CD singles everywhere from 1991 selling for $2 or 3, so that's just plain strange! I've been a fan for years now, so I'd know if there was a reason for their price...

In the same section, I finally found the famous Don't Scream, It's Over (Opera House, 1996) bootleg selling for... $80! Is that normal? Do people really pay that much for flippin' bootlegs? I thought it was a mistake, so checked it out... & the price stands Frowner .

Peter Green (or anyone for that matter) - If you're ever in that part of the city (somewhere near MYER), check the CDs out & maybe you could ask them what the deal is! If anyone's willing to purchace them, good luck to you, you obviously have more money than me! Smiler



People boasting about already owning the CDs? Smiler
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I'm an ebay addict and I've seen fan club CDs sell for over a $100 Australian.

I can't provide you with proof but I swear I'm telling the truth.

Proof can be found to frenz here who can find a "completed listings items page" LINK on ebay that describes/has an inventory of past ebay items sold and their final prices.

The purpose of this is for you to check the VALUE of any prospective items/cds/books/video games etc et al you wanna sell.

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