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I have 2 tickets for sale for Neil Finn for the Bristol Colston Hall show on Saturday 26th April (less than 3 weeks away). Some friends aren't able to go now and I'd hate for them to go to waste. Anyone here need any tickets? They're stalls seats D9-D10, £32.50 per ticket (face value). I'm happy to split the tickets if necessary.


Here's the seating plan for the Colston Hall:



Dawn S

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Well Neil has encouraged us to get up in the past so you never know 
Originally Posted by vicarious:

Ah, no, you can breathe easy - we're D23-25, on the other side of the aisle.  All irrelevant once we have charged to the front two-thirds of the way through (at a rough guess . . ).  You'll know who we are cos my husband will be the one left behind, staying resolutely in his seat, with a grumpy face .




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