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Wheeeee! That was fun! Nerve-wracking, but fun!

I got decent seats overall, certainly better than I've had in the past, though no front row tix.

I got a much better hit than expected at Massey Hall (Toronto) the first time and scooped them. Then after buying for Ann Arbor (MFLT E 5&7) I went back and got even better seats. And bought them, too. So I have an extra pair for Massey Hall which I'm sure some Frenz might want. I'll put up a separate post for that after the regular sales.

I thought I'd struck out for Montreal (my husband was "helping" from his computer but pulling up lousy seats and not refreshing his options fast enough for my liking!!). When I went to the site, I was offered 3rd row centre. Yea!

Anyone else got a post-pre-sale buzz?
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Originally posted by ohannie:
Only going to the Ann Arbor show, but very excited with MFCT, Row H, seats 105 and 106. Good for you for doing multiple shows, though. I don't buy tickets often, and ususally purchase general admission lawn seats at the local amphitheater, so I do feel like I've won a little prize. It's all meant to be, right?

I've never done multiple shows before but the opportunity presented itself and I jumped! Friends have smiled and asked why I was doing it. My answer: because I couldn't do it when I was 20!

Now, to bury the Visa bill for a little while...
After trying several times for better seats I ended up with 5th row in Philly.

Then, however, I tried one last time (which was dumb) only to be offered front row seats! So, being the crazed fan I am I went ahead and bought front row seats for Philly. Now I have twice as many tickets as I need! So, if anybody needs some 5th row seats for Philly let me know! My fiancee will kill me if I don't get our money back.

I don't think there's any point to pre-sales!
Hey GraceToo, I also picked up 3rd row centre for the Montreal gig. This trip to Montreal will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. And yes, I am suffering from PPSB and I cannot even reduce this "trauma" by releasing my excitement to my better half over the phone. She's in a meeting. The Forum will have to do. Big Grin

I had a doctor's appt. this morning and I thought I would miss the sale. Fortunately I returned to my computer with minutes to spare after speeding through downtown Silver Spring, MD. I may have lost a few police cars along the way. Wink
Well I lost my seats in the center orchestra for Philly because I changed my mind on the number of I grabbed the next 2 that came up which were orchestra right row F which was pretty good. When I went back to try again I got Orchestra B back behind the main aisle so I figured seats were going fast at that point. I then went and got 2 GEN admission for Chicago House of Blues just for grins. If I can go, great, if not, I'll try and sell the tickets...I like the General Admission venues sometimes those end up being better than the assigned seat venues! Now to find someone who wants to go boyfriend can't go with me to Philly or Chicago.....I'm so psyched! 3 shows for me!! woohoo!
Originally posted by Roxanne R:
Nice going GraceToo! See you in Ann Arbor - we're going to be right behind you in G5&7! I think Ann Arbor pre sale is sold out now? So we were lucky.


Yes absolutely, we were lucky. I am still going to see if I can be luckier when the tix go on sale to the general public on (Friday?).

And since you're behind me, no making fun of the way I dance Smiler
Originally posted by justacat:
How do you do this? When I go to the site I get the "welcome" page with the list of the presales, but when I click on ticket info, it says "tickets go on sale 10 am..." Where am I supposed to click when it starts? Onto the ticket info page? Or somewhere else?


What show are you trying to buy tickets for? I think the onsale time listed is that time in the venue's time zone. When the onsale starts, there should be a new link that appears that lets you buy tickets.

EDIT to add: I think that "ticket info" text will turn into a "buy tickets" link when the presale has opened.

My plan is to refresh the calendar page ( ) as the start time approaches, waiting for the text of the link to change.
Originally posted by GraceToo:
Originally posted by Ashley.N.F.:
GraceToo, what kinda seats did you get for Massey Hall?

5th row, 30&31 on the centre aisle. That way I don't have to crawl over anyone to do some dancing in the middle!

Where in the fourth row are you?

And did you grab Montreal tix as you were planning?

I am seats 25, 26 Row D right near the aisle! Which means diagonal to you, pretty much! AWESOME!

Nope, my mom and I were discussing it and I can't afford to go to the Montreal show simply due to the transportation costs. Bus and train are just too expensive, which stinks because I really wanted to do both. I think I'm going to try the public onsale though, see if I can get good seats anywho... I would love to catch both shows!
I scored third row far right for the Ryman in Nashville, TN, and I could not be happier. I stupidly gave those seats up thinking there would be something center, but when I did that, I got shut out for a few minutes--no tix were available. Then I refreshed a few dozen times, and the same two seats came back to me. I feel destiny took a hand. I cannot wait to see my first show at the Ryman--hubby and I will make a vacation out of it; we love Nashville. I hope Nick wears his silver pants that night.

Nothing can cloud my joy!!! Big Grin
jentwo--thanks for replying. I'm trying to buy for Portland.

So for folks who have already bought: which page did you click on to? Is Jen right that we just click onto the ticket info page and at 10 the text will change?

Please advise so I can know I'm in the right place --if not, then please advise where we should be waiting.

EDIT: I just clicked "ticket info" for Chicago, and the info is indeed different from Portland, Jen, so that must be it. We just have to be patient.
Originally posted by justacat:
EDIT: I just clicked "ticket info" for Chicago, and the info is indeed different from Portland, Jen, so that must be it. We just have to be patient.

Yup, I think that's it. :-) I'll be right there with you at 1, buying for Santa Barbara! (Though I also plan to refresh like crazy at 10am, since the "ticket info" page says the SB presale starts at 10, but the calendar page says 1!)

I'll be so glad when this is over and done because the pre-sale jitters make me crazy! Then there's still the Oakland show to come, too. Eeker
I was able to get 3 tickets for my wife,myself and our son 8th row center for Ann Arbor. I also have house of blues tickets for both nights. Myself and my wife are going to take the train to chicago and see both nights as well as enjoy the sights. I cant wait crowded house 3 times in one week! wow !!! August is going to be great!
Originally posted by justacat:
Great, Thanks for the I can go get breakfast and coffee.

So it sounds like you're able to refuse seats and choose again?

The site wouldn't let me go back and try for different seats, so I had to keep going in through the first page. Went pretty quickly, but as others have noted, the tickets don't always come up in the order of "best seats first". Try to encourage a co-conspirator on a different computer Smiler
Woo-Hoo! I was being picky, like Pineapple Girl, and turned down row M, turned down dress circle front row center, even (I'm short and dress circle is actually better for me--I wouldn't have been able to see anything with folks standing 12 rows ahead of me, and we know everyone up front will be standing Smiler), was hoping for a better orchestra seat, but it just kept getting worse and worse and I said "if ANY dress circle tix come back to me, I'll buy them, like pineapple girl)...
So just like pineapple girl, they came back, dress circle front row center! For a short person, esp. one who can't stand up the whole show and whose back just went out on her over Memorial Day weekend (I'm still hurting), they're a DREAM! The dress circle is plenty close enough for me to see them and NO ONE will be in between us Smiler Boys, watch out--zoom photographer is on her way Smiler

I went back after getting those and tried for some more, just on the off chance, and all the higher price presale tix were gone, within 9 minutes.

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