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Jaffaman posted:

I don't know "Walk Tall" but "Pieces of Change" is otherwise known as "Chainsaw" and was recorded in the studio for Together Alone. Only a guide vocal and no overdubs but a rockin' track. It was slated for the bonus disc until the last moment as Neil didn't think it was up to scratch.

REALLY surprised you haven't come across "Walk Tall"! Another of those live tracks with Neil calling out chords to the band! And almost as catchy as Frank's Dark Past to me.

And I know you've promised to add some of these that didn't make the cut to the Kitchen Sink, and I don't want to rush you. Just don't want it to slip off the radar, either. 

Cradle2Grave posted:
silent stream posted:

Yeah but spot the difference - oils world tour, crowdies one city, couple of shows.

big missed opp.


I doubt Neil had time for a world tour with two new albums in the works.

Also, a missed opportunity for what? CH album sales? Money for the guys? I don't think either motivate Neil particularly, he toured with CH from '07-'10, and is choosing not to do so this year.

As has been clear from all his musical endeavors through the years, he's interested in whatever makes the best experience in the studio and on stage at a given moment, and if he doesn't think that's CH right now, he doesn't owe it to anyone.

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