2002 B.Net awards - Betchadupa

A few days late but - the results are in for the 2002 B.net Music Awards:

Best music vid - Che Fu Fade Away

Best live act - Salmonella dub

Most promising new act - Rhombus

Best downbeat release - The Black seeds Keep on pushing

Best hip hop release - P-Money Big Things

Best electronic release - Shapeshifter Real Time

Best NZ remix - Manuel Bundy/Che Fu Misty Frequencies

Best pop/rock release - Betchadupa The Alphabetchadupa

Best compliation - Flying nun records Under the influence

Best unreleased song - The Phoenix foundation The Drinker

Best song - Salmonella dub The Bromley east roller

Best album - Salmonella dub - Inside the dub plates

International achievement - The D4

For a full listing of all the nominees and to listen to the songs/watch the videos head to the:

B.Net awards website
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