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It's the first day of public school here in NY. So my topic today is: who made one or more lunches for kids today, and what did you make?

I made roast beef w/ American cheese and ranch dressing on spelt bread. Zone bar, can of Yoohoo, and just for fun, 2 brownies that we baked on Monday. I put a note "one for you, one for a new friend." I'm that silly. Smiler Oh and I always cut sandwiches into interesting shapes. I don't know if she'll change her mind, but as of now, she is still insisting on taking my School House Rock lunchbox. I don't know if that's cool or not for 9th grade in our town of nice people, but she's welcome to take it or not. She's cool with or without it anyway.

Who made what this morning?
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I made it to school.....and even thats a miracle as I have a middle ear thing going on that makes me fell totally spaced out.

I'm afraid I take the lazy moms way out and my two stay for a hot lunch. I don't think I have the imagination to think up packed lunches every day so they won't get bored.

I love the 'one for you and one for a friend' thing, thats a great idea Smiler

It was my youngest's very first day at school yesturday and he looked so cute in his little uniform Big Grin
I sure hope Nic's day got better from this morning! She stood on the bus stop with other kids. They watched the bus pick up high school kids two blocks away... and then turn out of the neighbourhood rather than come get them. So Dave drove her in. She was on time. But it was just a bumpier start than it had to be! I'm still trying to reach the high school transport dept. to tell them about it. Frowner
Mine started last week.

I had one girl who was totally psyched, because school is her thing, she sits in the front row, raises her hand every time, gets all A's, and tells on other she was on cloud 9 to go back...

However, I had one boy who has just started going to school all day instead of half a day, and who is used to the "fun stuff" in Kindergarten and isn't too happy that he actually has to work in 1st grade. The first day, he came home and informed me that "First grade is bull****, mom. It's all work, no fun at all." The second day, he jammed up the teacher's pencil sharpener by sharpening the eraser end. The third day, I asked him how his day was and he informed me "Not too comfortable because I've had an eraser up my nose all day..." (and sure enough, he'd bitten his pencil eraser off and shoved it up his nose....luckily, I got it out without having to take him to the doctor.

The more excited the girl is about school, the more down on himself the boy is because he's unhappy and this stuff doesn't come as easily to him. He's not a dumb boy. He pays fantastic attention and actively works on things that interest him...we just have to find a way to turn school into one of those things!!!!

He is also a "creative type," whose head is in the clouds. We did have him checked for ADD awhile back, just to be prepared for when a teacher tries to suggest that's the problem...the doctor even said, no, he doesn't have ADD, he's just ridiculously creative and his imagination is on ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately (and I'm someone who knows because I had it rough also...) public schools aren't always the best place for those kinds of kids...but I can't afford to send him somewhere else. My biggest challenge will be keeping who he is intact, but helping him survive and succeed in school!

Anyone out there with advice on how to do that?

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