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Nice one.

While I remember: Peter Green (@gryphon) uploaded a short clip to YouTube a couple of years ago of CH jamming to "Room to Move" that looks to be from the TOLM era. Was that recorded at the same concert or another one from the 1988 tour?

Crowded House covering John Mayall's Room to Move ... apparently not the same 1988 gig ... Different outfits, same Brilliance !

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Wow, thanks so much for posting this. Brings back many fine memories. Triple M also broadcast this, right? I've got a worn out cassette tape somewhere with the recording on it.

My first ever rock concert was in this era, at Festival Hall in Melbourne.

Some of the tracks also appear on TOLM Deluxe version. This is Massive is definitely from this show.

Fan club released part of the 25/08/88 State Theatre, Sydney concert on the
State of Mind CD.

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