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What is your favourite version of Stuff 'N" Nonsense?

Hi frenz,

I am finally to wed my partner of 10 years next month and she has always thought of Stuff 'n' Nonsense to feature as a song at our wedding, maybe while the certificate is being signed or during the first dance. Anyway, in some form it will appear...

Although the lyrics aren't entirely appropriate, it still is a truly beautiful song and contains that "And you know that I love you" line, so it should still have guests asking us "What was that song?"

Just curious what other Frenz think of this and what version they prefer. From Tim's original great raw vocal from Frenzy, Neil's haunting version from Enzso, Eddie's passionate vocal from 7 Worlds Collide, The live version from 2006, I even like the Missy Higgins version!, although that is unlikely to appear.

Please vote and let me know.

Thankyou frenz,
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Posted by Cosmo Kramer ·
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