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Trying to get this poll finished up ASAP before we all fall in love with the new songs. As great as the new songs are, however, I doubt they would make it into the top ten. Then again, I'm pleasantly surprised to find that songs from Neil's solo albums and a song from Everyone Is Here all made the top ten.

Not sure how many more rounds this poll has in it. This could be the last one. Please remember to vote for the WORST song in the list of remaining tracks and thank you!

Best Finn Songs of All Time:

7. Into the Sunset - Neil Finn (2001)
8. Won't Give In - Finn Brothers (2005)
9. Try Whistling This - Neil Finn (1998)
10. Sinner - Neil Finn (1998)
11. I Got You - Split Enz (1980)
12. Persuasion - Tim Finn (1993)
13. Dirty Creature - Split Enz (1982)
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