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Split Enz by Crowded House

I've been watching the Rockarena show a fair bit over the last few months and reminiscing on the early days and how, with a dearth of new material, the guys were forced to dip into Neil's Enz back catalogue. This allowed us to hear the old songs rejuvenated through the new CH filter. The most prominent example of this is, of course, I Walk Away. It happened again on Neil's solo tours and again on the Finn Bros tours. Which got me thinking, wouldn't it be great if the Crowdies did a tour whereby the entire set was comprised of Enz material? I can see 2 points of interest here:
1. We potentially get to hear some very old songs which (I suspect) few of us have heard live. Just imagine Crowdies doing Sweet Dreams, Lovey Dovey and Stranger Than Fiction in their trademark melodic style. Wicked!
2. The songs get the full Crowdies treatment and so will be unlike any other version of these songs we've heard before.

This tour could be followed up with (or run concurrently with ::gasp::) the corresponding Crowded House by Split Enz show.

In order to keep it interesting (and to evenly share the responsibility) I propose some rules:
1. The SEbCH set list must be entirely devoid of Neil's songs (that's too easy!)
2. Similarly, Tim's songs must be excluded from the CHbSE set list.
3. The Enz lineup must be pre-Neil. We can't risk Neil doing his own songs now, can we? Nor should we submit him to the demands of 2 tours.

So I've done this as a poll so it's kind of a petition (I know it's fruitless but, hey, we can dream).

Anybody want to kick off with proposed set lists?

Would you be in favour of a Split Enz by Crowded House tour?

Would you be in favour of a Crowded House by Split Enz tour?

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