ROUND THREE - Best Finn Songs of All Time!

Round Three is a little different because we need to combine all the Enz, CH, and Tim Finn songs into their own single categories. The Neil Finn and Finn Brothers categories were combined in Round Two (because they have a lot fewer songs). So, three Neil Finn songs and three Finn Brothers songs will automatically advance to round four and they are:

Neil Finn:
She Will Have Her Way (Try Whistling This) 29%
Try Whistling This (Try Whistling This) 14%
Sinner (Try Whistling This) 13%

Finn Brothers:
Angels Heap (Finn) 18%
Suffer Never (Finn) 20%
Won't Give In (Everyone Is Here) 14%

Round FOUR will finally combine all the songs no matter who recorded them. For now, three songs from each of the following polls will advance to round four. Please choose the song which you personally feel is the best choice and abstain as needed.

Previous rounds can be found at:

Split Enz
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Tim Finn
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Crowded House
Choose the best song:

Wild Card
Everybody into the pool!
Choose the best song:

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