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Do you have every song off of every album, or just a select few?

The previous 'Rate Your Albums' thread got me thinking. I rated the albums in that thread based on emotional content, ie in order of the albums I thought had the better songs and not necerssarily the most complete in my collection.

So out of interest I shuffled through iTunes and extracted the the number of tracks I have form each album vs the total number of tracks on the album. For CH the list is:

Crowded House 8.5/10 (I Walk Away - Split Enz version)
Temple of Low Men 6/10
Woodface 10/14
Together Alone 11/13
Recurring Dream 3/3 (new songs)
Afterglow 8/13
Time on Earth 15/16 (missing A Sigh)
Intriguer 14/12

I have the same data for SE/TF/NF/LF/FB, simarly most albums nowhere near complete.

So what about your guys, do you have all the songs of all the albums or do you only have the greatest hits?
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