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Reply to "Your all-time favourite MUSICIANS"

1. Favourite singer
2. Favourite guitarist
3. Favourite bassist
4. Favourite keyboardist
5. Favourite drummer
6. Favourite multi-instrumentalist

1.Tim. Rickie Lee Jones. Al Bowlly. Peter Dawson
2. Deniz Tek (radio birdman)
3. Brian Wilson
4. Eddie
5. Marcel Rodeka (Mother Goose)
6. Jonathon Richman

I'd like to expand the question to include:

7. Favorite composer? Brian Wilson
8. Favorite songwriter? George and Ira Gershwin/Neil Diamond

LEAST FAVORITES (or my "Most Annoying" list):

1. Bob Dylan
2. Jimi Hendrix - way too many notes!
3. The Seinfeld slap guy
4. Rick Wakeman
5. John Bonham
6. Kirk Pengilly (INXS)
7. Miles Davis
8. Miles Davis is the anti-songwriter- he spent his life ruining other people's lovely melodies - I see him as the musical equivalent of a shipworm - slow and corrosive.

This has been a really interesting thread to read - I'm surprised that the slick nashville stuff hasn't come in formore of a pasting! For the record, I play bass in our pub rock band, but prefer piano for swing stuff.
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