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Your all-time favourite MUSICIANS

So who are the ones you like the most, and rate the highest? Which ones make your jaw drop by doing things that you couldn't begin to copy? Which ones are so good that you want to tell everyone else about them?

I know a lot of Forum members either make music themselves in an either amateur, semi or professional setting, so it would be particularly interesting to hear from them. Plus we're all fans of music anyway, and we know what we like!

I'll start off with some categories, you can nominate a couple for each:

1. Favourite singer
2. Favourite guitarist
3. Favourite bassist
4. Favourite keyboardist
5. Favourite drummer
6. Favourite multi-instrumentalist

Anybody else that you feel is outstanding on their instrument (in a category not mentioned above), give them a name check here.

My choices as follows:

1. Joni Mitchell/John Lennon
2. Nick Drake/Pat Metheny
3. Jaco Pastorius/Mark King
4. Donald Fagen/Tony Banks
5. Stewart Copeland/Phil Gould
6. Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney
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